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Splurge or Save for a Rainy Day…LITERALLY!

You might remember recently when I mentioned that I was in love with the lace rain boots from Valentino’s latest collection which is filled with frilly lace footwear.

I’ve been seriously considering dropping nearly $300 which is a serious load of money, for rain boots at least, for the lace print Valentino pair. However, I’ve pretty much dismissed the pretty boots from Valentino for a much more affordable pair from rain boot line Chooka that gives the pricey ones a serious run for its money.

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Prettiest Rain Boots…EVER!

Of course, leave it to Valentino to be brain fashion house behind some of the prettiest pair of rain boots I’ve ever laid my brown eyes on!

The Bow Rain Boots are just out of this world luxe and beautiful! They are crafted with shiny PVC and vine lace overlay over the shaft of the boot. They almost look too pretty to even fathom wearing in the rain and $745 price tag almost guarantees I wouldn’t wear them in a light drizzle.

However, if you are like me, and grasped your fake pearl necklace at the price, then you might be a little more interested in the Lace-Print rain boots by Valentino. They are just as cute with the lace-print PVC and molded logo plaque to let everyone know what your rocking! Plus, these are only $295! Sweet.

Stay Stylish!

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