Mental Health Day; We All Need One

After yesterday’s tragic event in Las Vegas with senseless killing of 50+ and over 500 injured, my head and heart is numb. Sure, I could use my little struggle platform to share  my political opinion, but I would rather not. If you want a little insight into my my opinions, you should follow me on Twitter. FYI, on Twitter, I’m sarcastically funny, love responding with GIFs, and RTs are my jam. Unfortunately, like on Twitter, there are days when you just want and need to withdraw from your everyday life.  For days like that, I strongly encourage you to take a mental health day.

Take A Mental Health day

What is a mental health day, you ask? Well, it’s kind of like a personal day, but it’s suggested to take on days when your mind needs a break. For example, my co-worker took a personal/mental health day the after the election. Completely justified, if you ask me and our manager. The next question you might be asking yourself is “What does one do when taking a mental health day?” Well, keep reading for the answer.

Question: What do you when you take a mental health day?

The answer is whatever the flipping a full flask of wine in the air that you want, in my opinion. If you want to sit at home and re-binge watch as many episodes of Jane The Virgin that you want; do it. If you want to go to a mid-day showing of that one movie that none of your friends want to go see with you; go see it. If you want to treat yourself to a spa day complete with full-body message and pedicure; do it and invite me.

Personally, I’ve only taken a couple of mental health days. The last one I took was a couple of weeks ago, because I had been going non-stop for over 2 weeks. So, on at 6am on a Wednesday morning, I sent an email to my team that I was taking a day off to rest my mind. I spent most of the day burning my brain cells watching old episodes of The Office with my dogs and it was awesome. However, I had been neglecting to treat myself to a day to relax my mind

According to Psychology Today, here are a few instances when you might need to take a mental health day:

  1. When you’re distracted by something you need to address. If you’re behind on your bills and taking a day off to tackle your budget could help you feel as though you’re back in control, it may make sense to take a day to address it so you can reduce your anxiety.
  2. When you’ve been neglecting yourself. Just like electronic devices need recharging, it’s important to take time to charge your own batteries. A little alone time or an opportunity to practice some self-care can help you perform better.
  3. When you need to attend appointments to care for your mental health. Whether you need to see your doctor to get your medication adjusted or you need to schedule an appointment with your therapist, taking a day off to address your mental health needs is instrumental in helping you be at your best.

Mindless Things You Can Do On A Mental Health Day:

  1. Finally make one of the 3.42 million recipes that you’ve pinned, but never made.
  2. Give yourself a manicure with your favorite glitter. Don’t forget the base coat for easy removal.
  3. Go wander around Michael’s to discover a new hobby. I just started hand painting plant pots.
  4. Wash all of your bed linens so you can feel like you’re falling asleep on a cloud with the Snuggle bear.
  5. Flip through those  unread magazine that have been stacking up on your coffee table for months.

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