The lastest addition to my purse, Soleil Shoes!

Ever since college, it would not be uncommon for you to find a pair of thin flats of flip flops in my bag. I did and still do a lot of walking. In college, it was walking back and forth to classes across The University of Memphis campus and now its walking to a from places around my job (i.e., bank, restaurant, store). Either way, its hard to trek around on concrete in 4 inch heels without eventually wanting to yank those suckers off and go barefoot.

Well, Soleil Shoe Co. has made that urge to do that almost disappear. Read more to see my review and pictures.

A couple of weeks ago, a representative for Soleil Shoes asked me if I wanted to review a pair and I was more than happy to, because the black flats that I keep in my purse were taking up more space than I would like. So, I received the shoes yesterday and couldn’t wait to try them out.

Soleil shoes are cute little foldable ballet flats that are easy to throw in your work bag, everyday purse, or evening clutch. The shoes come wrapped in a nylon bag that’s in a small black box. You use the nylon bag to harbor and carry your “uncomfortable” shoes while you wear your Soleil foldable shoes.

I don’t know if all the boxes seem a little too small for the shoes and causes it to bulge or just my box, but my box was little bit dented and bulged, but the magnetic closure that the box features doesn’t make it a big deal. Thank goodness for the magnetic closure!

The tote that comes with the shoes is actually pretty sizable, which surprised me a smidge. Plus, its not heavy and feels quite durable!

I will admit, when I first saw a picture of the shoes, I thought that they were going to be very cheap feeling in terms of fabric and construction. The upper material is not too thick or thin, but I wouldn’t advise you to wear them in extreme cold weather. However, what sold me on the shoes were the soles. The thing about ballet flats is that the soles tend to be very thin and smooth, but not these! Soleil’s have a nice moderately thick sole that has texture on the bottom to help prevent slipping. Love it!

Its a little too cold right now for me to be wearing these, but that will not be the case in when it begins to warm up. I plan to wear these out and probably order the white pair, because a white pair of ballet flats paired with skinny white jeans sounds uber cute, right now!

Actually, I’m thinking about ordering a pair for my little sister around prom season, because I remember within in an hour of my senior prom,  my shoes were under my chair and I was wearing out my pedicure on the dance floor! All you girlies who are, like my sister, already prom shopping should look into getting a pair. You won’t regret it!

Soleil Shoes are available in black patent (the pair I received), white, silver, and metallic pink. I wish they had a pair in metallic gold, because I love a cute gold flat!

Checkout Soleil Shoes’ Spring 2010 collection and find out where to purchase a pair at their website,

Stay Stylish!

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  1. Soleil Shoe is not the best to deal with. Their shipping states 2-5 days- it’s now been 15 days and I have yet to receive my order and they’ve refused to provide shipping info. I contacted them since I won’t be needing them now (they were for my bridesmaids) and they told me they don’t refund discounted orders. This is NOT listed anywhere on their website. I would not recommend doing business with them.

    1. Oh, that SUCKS!
      I was thinking about recommending these as bridemaids gifts to my brothe’sr fiance’!
      Actually, I recently noticed that Walgreens carries some shoes like these and are probably cheaper!
      Sorry for your trouble, but congrats on your wedding!

    2. OMG i’m having the SAME PROBLEM!!!! ARRGGHH I was wondering if Samida might have a phone number or any contact information for them? i would really appreciate if you would pass it along to me if you do.

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