The New Way to Buy Mattresses


Would you buy a brand new online-only bed that comes delivered in a big cardboard box?

Well, if you answered yes, then you aren’t alone, because that is one of the latest products of up and coming direct to consumer products. If you answered ‘no’, then you might to keep on reading to see if this is something you can get on board this new way to buy mattresses.

Over the past year, the way we shop and do things that people have been doing for decades has transformed and streamlined. For example, we are forgoing driving our cars and taxis to instead request the service of an Uber with a few clicks on an app on our phones. Well, now you can add buying a new mattress to that list of things that are getting more refined.

One of the latest trends in the click to buy and direct-t0-consumer marketplace is the ability and ease of purchasing a new and luxurious mattress from the comfort and ease of your phone. The popular guy on campus, Casper, has had the most success with this innovative way to click and buy a new mattress and garnered much attention on social media and brought attention to this latest concept.

Since this concept is a direct-to-consumer product and the process of shipping in a cardboard box that’s easy to transport has allowed these companies to provide high quality and luxurious mattresses at the fraction of the price compared to most brick and mortar stores, including some of the popular big box places.

Also, some of these companies are able to throw special discounts and products.  Leesa even offers free shipping on all orders and 10% military discount. Yogabed, like Leesa, also offers free shipping, but also $60 off and free pillows.

The mattresses are available from twin and twin Xl and all the way up to California King. Some of the companies even have different style to choose from and are ideal for any flat surface, including platforms and boxsprings.

So, would you buy a new mattress, without testing it out and it gets shipped and delivered in a cardboard box that you can carry in your house by yourself?

I must, I’m very intrigued.

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