Weekend At Home: Movies to Binge Watch

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Now that football season is about to take over my TV tomorrow, I feel like this is going to be my last weekend, day actually, to watch some of my favorite and classic movies. As you can tell, I have a nice mixture of comedy, drama, musicals, and continuous classics.  Looking for some movies to add to your watch list? Well, here are a few to get you going:

  • Clueless – It’s hard to believe that this movie is almost 20 years old! Maybe, it’s because some of the fashion trends from the movie (hello, knee socks and oxfords) are coming back for fall. Also, I’m sure the fact that Iggy Izalea was inspired by the movie to to create teh video for the most popular song of the summer, didn’t hurt.
  • The Wedding Planner – A super cute, slightly cheesy, movie featuring Jennifer Lopez as detail-obsessed and single wedding planner who fall for the groom of one of the weddings she’s planning. Yeah…awkward.
  • Bridesmaids – One of the funniest movies EVER! It’s just awesome all up and through it and I practically watch it every time I see that it’s on.
  • The Little Mermaid – This movie brings back so many good and nostalgic feels from my childhood. In the late 80s early 90s, this was the headline movie for slumber parties all over the country. If you had popcorn, pajamas, and The Little Mermaid on VHS, your slumber party was an automatic A+. The adult version is gourmet popcorn, candy flavored vodka, VS sleepwear, and The Little Mermaid on Blu-ray. Still a A+, just a little tipsy. It helps the feelings you need to bring when you sing each song out long…despite your neighbors’ wishes.
  • West Side Story – When I think of amazing musicals, this is it! The story of love struck teens from different sides (and gang affiliations) want to be together, despite the wishes of their friends and loved ones. The story, the dancing, the music, and tears makes this one of my favorite movies of all time.
  • Imitation of Life – This is my mom’s favorite movie, which explains why it’s my favorite movie. The first time I saw it, I only saw the last 5 minutes of it, which if you’ve ever seen it, you know that was too emotional to not want to watch all of it. This movie will tap on so many emotions, good and bad, but you feel so warm inside. All of the feels are too much and too strong. Just make sure you are in reach when watching this movie.

Did you see any of your favorites? Have any suggestions? Leave them below!

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