Where Art My Curls?!

I want to wear my natural curls, but my love of straightening and press curling during the winter has decided to cling to my hair for spring. However, they are not welcomed! So, I bought  a couple of go-to essentials for my curly hair from Carol’s Daughter today! More after the jump!

When your hair is dry, mainly from constant use of heating products, your natural curl/wave pattern won’t budge. You will notice that even when your hair is clean and wet, you will see some of your hair is in its natural state, but some is still straight. When that happens, sometimes it easier to just straighten out the curls and go, which is what I’ve been doing the past couple of weeks. However, I’m putting my foot down and refuse to give up until I see my natural curls falling down my back!

In preparation to win back my curl, I bought a small jar of the Healthy Hair Butter, because my hair has been dry and brittle lately and this stuff this amazing at stopping breakage. Dry = Brittle = Breakage

The  other thing I got was Marguerite’s Magic! If you can only buy one thing from Carol’s Daughter and you have dry and weak hair, it is this stuff! This is like crack to my hair when it get dry and wants to start breaking. It hydrates, moisturizes, and provides a luster to your hair.

These two products are just step one to regaining my curls.  Before I can start applying curling products, I first need to make sure my hair is soft and manageable. When your hair is well moisturized, you hair will begin to release the straightness out of your air.

So, hopefully, after using this for a couple of weeks, I will notice my natural curls coming back and then its on!

Stay Stylish!

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