Sage Smudging Is My New Fave

Recently, on Instagram, I shared a shot of my sage smudge stick one morning. Usually, I would smudge my home every now and then, but mainly after a life event. However, for the past couple of months, I’ve been doing sage smudging every day; usually first thing in the morning. It’s one of my favorite parts of my morning routine; maybe better than coffee.


I think sage sticks and smudging can get such a “hippie” label, but I think that’s unfair. Keep reading to find out the main reason I try to smudge.

Are you sitting there wondering what exactly is “smudging”? Well, smudging has been used in feng shui and Native Americans rituals. It’s also been used to help in some ancient healing practices. Smudging involves burning herbs, usually sage, and tied together with twine into a thick stick. I guess I can describe it as if it looks like an artisanal cigar. *shrugs*

The common use for smudging is to remove negative energy from your home and spaces. This is the main reason that I smudge, which I think of as a way to meditate and calm my space.

How often does one smudge? Well, some people choose to do it weekly, monthly, or before/after a trying event. However, you can do it whenever you want or feel like it. Personally, I try to do it every morning before I leave for the day, but I miss a day here or day. It might sound strange to some, but it helps me feel like I’ve removed any negative energy attached to me before going out into the world. I just try to make sure I can start my day as clear and calm as possible.

Where can you get a sage smudging stick? Well, you can make one, which is something I aspire to try and make one day. For now, I will continue to buy my regular three-pack from Sprouts, because I love easy access. However, there are some gorgeous handmade sage sticks on Etsy that look like pieces of art. Plus, I bet they smell amazing!

Have you incorporated sage smudging into your life? Share below.

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