Lazy Girl’s Guide To Packing For Vacation

Up until my mid-20s, I used to hate traveling for vacation. It was just an absolute headache and that was back when I didn’t have to be responsible for any of the financing. However, I eventually learned to not only like traveling, but love it. I was able to do this my simplifying as many elements of traveling as possible, starting with creating a guide to packing for vacation.

Lazy Girl's Guide To Packing for Vacation | STAINED COUTURE

When I pack for vacation, I start by being realistic of what I’m going to need. I loathe over-packing. Not only are your carrying around waste, but depending on if you’re flying, it can cost you a lot of money. So, I’ve become very conscious of what I really need to bring when on vacation. Not to mention, bringing too many options will leave room for you to overthink. Who wants to overthink anything on vacation, let alone which color shorts to wear? Not me. Minus the basic denim shorts and basic tees, here’s what I include in my guide to packing for vacation.

  Lazy Girl’s Guide To Packing For Vacation:

Guide To Packing Packing For Vacation | STAINED COUTURE

  • Shirred Waist Maxi dress – I live for maxi dresses that can be dressed down or up, like this denim option from Simply Be. You can wear this dress sightseeing, out to dinner, or laying on the beach. The shirred waist, cutout shoulders, and kimono sleeves make this an instant win.
  • Stripe Swimsuit – A simple swimsuit that you can easily mix and mingle with solid pieces is a must for me. Retro wide striped swimsuits are so in this summer. Pair them with a pair of denim shorts and oversized button up.
  • The Kit For All Curlkind – There used to be a time when it was hard to find travel size versions of your favorite products. Thankfully, we live in a time when it’s hard not to find a travel size, let alone set. When I’m on vacation, it’s easier for me to rock my natural curls. So, travel kits with my favorite Devacurl curly hair products is a true blessing.
  • Gloss Flip Flops – A pair of nude colored shoes, including nude flip flips will forever be clutch. This pair is simple enough to wear with your bathing suit or semi-casual dressy look for dinner.
  • Nike Flyknit Trainer – I’ve learned the hard way many times that it’s a safe bet to always bring a pair of tennis shoes when on vacation. Walking tours and unexpected weather conditions will make you so happy that you packed some sneakers. Nike Flyknit sneakers are easy to pack and super comfy.
  • Quilted Fanny Pack – So glad fanny packs are back, because they’re amazing. They hold just the essentials and give you one less thing to have to carry around. Therefore, they are the quintessential purse for vacation. Plus, they now come in cuter options, like this quilted one from Target.

What is your must-have essential for vacation? Share below!

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