Best Nail Products You Should Know

Getting my nails done has been one of  my favorite acts of self-care, ever since junior high. Although I love getting them professionally done, I love to do them myself. Actually, I haven’t had my nails professionally done since before the pandemic began back in March 2020. My last appointment was on the Saturday before the world started to collapse. So, I’ve been doing my own nails exclusively for 2 years, which has allowed me to discover some of the best nail products.

Nail Products You Should Know | STAINED COUTURE

Please keep reading to see what products I’ve been discovering and loving.

I have to admit that I’ve been loving a lot of Orly products recently. Their Nail Defense strengthening treatment is still one of my favorite base coats to help strengthen my nails. While on Instagram, I saw a video where a girl used this Orly Nail Builder to fix a split nail. Since I’m always trying to grow out my nails, I decided to buy it.

Actually, the Nail Builder is a brush on nail extension, so you don’t have to do powder and liquid. I bought the kit on Amazon that comes with everything you need, including primer, top coat, and nail foils. After enough practice, I was able to give my natural nails extensions in less than 30 minutes. Now, you will need to a UV/LED nail lamp to cure gel. However, you don’t need a super professional one, because my $12 one off Amazon worked just as good.

Orly GelFX Bodyguard

Although gel is a lot better than acrylic and glued on tips for you natural nails, too much wear can weaken your nail beds. That’s why it’s good to give your nails a break from Orly GelFX Nail Builder to construct longer nails and instead use the Orly GelFX Bodyguard for you natural nails.


Speaking of natural nails, I love any polish that makes my nails look naturally healthy. Usually, I lean more toward nude nail polishes to achieve this look. However, I’ve been loving the sheer pink polishes as of recent and the TENOVERTEN polish in Elderidge has been my favorite. I’ve gone through about 2 bottles in the past year. Not only do I use it for sheer natural pink look, but also for the sheer pink in my french manis and pedis. You can find this polish at most Target locations.

PIGGY PAINT kids nail polish

Another nail polish that you can find at Target is Piggy Paint nail polish for kids. As someone with no kids, I would not have known about Piggy Paints if it wasn’t for my BFF. She buys this polish for her daughter all the time. So, when Piggy Paint reached out to send me their neon collection, I couldn’t wait to share them with my girls. Piggy Paints are water-based and chemical free polishes for kids. These polishes come in an array of shade and Mia loved the neon pink one. I did, too! You can also buy a Piggy Paint polish remover that is also safe for kids.

What’s the best nail product you think people should know about? Share below.

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