EMPTIES: August 2020

EMPTIES: August 2020


Took last week off from blogging, because I needed to recharge on so many levels. However, I’m ready to share what products I used up last month in August. I used up a little of everything and there were quite a few stars in this bunch. Keep reading to see what I loved and didn’t love that much out of EMPTIES: August 2020.

Okay, let’s start with the hair products. Since I decided to go lighter earlier this year and pre-pandemic, I’ve had to be very dedicated to taking care of my hair. Of course, I’ve been experiencing shedding like crazy, which can be attributed to summer shedding and stress. However, I don’t think it’s as bad as I thought it was or should be, which attribute to my products.

My stylist, as well as most, always recommend Olaplex products. Initially, I thought they were just over-hyped and overpriced products. I was wrong. I’ve been exclusively using the Olaplex and shampoo and conditioner for about a year now. Ever since I started using them, my hair has been strong and soft. So, my stylist made me a color bomb Olaplex No. 3, which is their Hair Perfector. The Hair Perfector helps restore and strengthen the hair, which my hair needed due to going lighter. It took a little getting used to having to apply this to wet hair before washing my hair. Yet, it was worth it in the end.

The color bomb didn’t deposit that much color in my hair, but it did make my hair feel and look stronger. What did help add a little more boom to my color was the Maria Nila Colour Refresh in Bright Cooper. Since my hair is not the same red as it was when I used my previous colored hair mask, I had to look elsewhere. This hair mask definitely helped intensify the copper sections of my hair. Not to mention, although it’s non-permanent, it stays in your hair for awhile. I would definitely try this again.

When I ran out the 2 previous products, I went back to the Maui Moisture fortifying hair mask, which was still pretty amazing. Plus, I forgot how amazing it smelled. Would buy this again – definitely.

The same night I randomly bought the Maui Moisture hair masque is the same night I bought this Orly Nail Defense strengthening nail base coat. When it comes to at-home manis, the base coat and top coat are key. A good base and top can make a $2 nail polish look like a professional manicure. I’ve tried many Orly nail polishes in the past, but not their treatments. I was very impressed with their Nail Defense base coat. Not only did it make my nails feel stronger, but helped the polish stay on longer. I’ve tried to find this in-store locally, but keep striking out. My local Ulta apparent has some in stock – I’ll go pick one up this week.

Let’s talk acne or maskne! I rarely go anywhere, which means I rarely wear a mask. However, when I do wear one, I do get the occasional breakout. So, I’ve been having to step and reevaluate my acne skincare routine. I recently decided to try Differin after many years of hearing about it. FYI, is a topical acne medication that used to prescription only, but now you can get it over the counter. It contains adalpalene, which is strong retinoid that helps with blackheads, whiteheads, and prevents other breakouts.

Since I mainly get breakouts along my jawline and on my cheeks, I only apply it there. When it comes to strong ingredients like adalpalene, only apply where needed. I treat and apply it like a serum – after toner and before moisturizer. I only used it for a month, but I can definitely tell the difference it made to my skin. My skin texture improved drastically. I’ve already bought another tube and I don’t see me not using this for a long time. If you have acne, I highly recommend you add this to your nightly regimen. You can buy it Target, Walgreens, and even Amazon. Also, most of these stores have their own generic version, which is the same product – just cheaper.

One good thing that 2020 brought me was discovering that acne patches are amazing! They come in so clutch on those days when a little visitor decide they want to hang out on your face for a few days. Plus, since we’re wearing masks, you can wear one or 5 under your mask and nobody will know. These heart acne patches are from Truly and they really did do the trick. I would buy these again, but there are some other brands I want to try next.

I only used up 2 samples last month. The first was the gel moisturizer from Clinique, which you might remember from travel skincare post. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this moisturizer, because the gel formula made it hydrating for oily skin in the hot weather. Since the weather is cooling down, I won’t be buying the bigger bottle soon. However, if I remember, I may buy it next summer.

The other sample I tried and used up was Degree Dry Spray deodorant in Confidence. Of course, it did what a deodorant is supposed to do. However, what made me want to go buy the big version instantly was the the scent. The scent is apples and jasmine – it smells so good! A clean, refreshing scent with some sweetness to it. Love it!

Finally, we are at a product that I’ve been wanting to finish for awhile – a Vitamin E serum from Valjean Labs. I  picked this up at TJ MAxx last year and it was okay, but I can’t say how good it was since I used it with other produts. However, it didn’t break me out, so I can’t say anything bad about it. Still, I doubt I buy it again.

That’s all of the products I used up last month. I’ve already emptied a few this month already, which means I’ll be back with September 2020 empties in due time.

Have you tried any product in my EMPTIES from August? Share below.

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