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Make-Up Monday… Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour Blush

When it comes to blush, some people love it or hate it. For me, I used to hate blush, because I was all about not wanting to look like I had makeup on and blush was just a flashing sign that had makeup on.

However, I eventually learned its not the product itself, but the color and the application of the product. Light shades and strokes, ladies.

Well, this past weekend, I decided that I needed to do a mini-retail therapy to help soften all the stress and mess I’ve been dealing with and although the last thing I needed was more makeup…well.

Anyway, I’ve known for a while that Laura Mercier makes some amazing makeup, especially foundations, concealers, and powders, but I never really delved into her color makeup, until this weekend. On a whim, I decided to test some of her blushes, the second skin ones, to be particular. Obviously, the name says it all, because in the end, that’s all we want makeup to look like, second skin and not layers of colors.

This blush is the epitome of what blush should be; light, natural, velvety smooth, and down-right awesome. I was instantly sold on the Lotus Pink for a natural pink flush, the Lush Nectarine for soft peachy glow, and Soft Clove that makes a great contour powder for my complexion. I’m blushing for these blushes!

Stay Stylish!

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KISS My Eyes

So, every time I go to my beauty supply store I see this KISS liner on the counter by the register. It claims to be smudge proof, dark, and a bunch of other stuff that eventually convinced me to go ahead and buy it.

To keep it short, I love this eye liner. It stays on practically my entire work day (9 hours) it’s waterproof, which is very beneficial for me and my sporadic watery eyes.

Although I haven’t been a fan of felt tip liners or felt tip anything in the past, this tip makes the application a breeze and applies just enough product.

The main reason I haven’t been a fan of felt tip liners in the past is applying the liner over shadow. The outcome was never what I wanted. That was not the case for this liner. The application and product did not affect my eyeshadow AT ALL.

I love this liner and it’s the latest addition to my makeup bag…and daily eye look!

Stay Stylish!

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Another Option for My Mom’s Christmas Tradition

Every year there is always one thing I know that my mom is going to give me on Christmas, no matter if its in stocking, attached to a gift, or just handed to me. That one thing is some kind of lip moisturizer. It’s a small tradition that will probably be handed down from here on.

So when SoftLips sent me their new winter collection, I couldn’t help but to instantly think of my mom’s yearly small, but useful tradition. Now throughout the holiday and winter season, SoftLips will have select dual packs (Winter Mint/Vanilla, Sugar Cookie/Raspberry, and Sugar Cookie/Cherry) available at stores such as Walmart, Target, and Rite Aid for $3.99. There is also a Winter 5-Pack that’s available exclusively in the Softlips online store, that offers all four winter flavors and a bonus flavor of Mint with a Hint of Vanilla. This set is packaged in a festive, blue sachet for $9.99.
Stay Stylish!

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Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin for Viva Glam

Back in July, MAC announced that Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin would star in the next Viva Glam campaign and I just mentioned it today. Anyway, MAC just released the first glimpse of the campaign via this bright and colorful photo featuring the two stars. The campaign was shot by famed photographer David LaChappelle featuring his usual fun and quirky settings.

It looks as if Ricky is holding a giant tube of Nicki’s lipstick. I love the Viva Glam campaigns, because they are always fun and ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of each tube goes to AIDS research. Amazing!

I guess the next thing we have to wait for is to see the actually colors. Nicki’s and Ricky’s Viva Glam products will hit MAC counters and website beginning February 2012.

Stay Stylish!

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Boscia MakeUp BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil

I love this stuff! Why beat around the bush? I’ve always wanted to try an oil makeup remover, but I’ve been super apprehensive. I have combination/oily skin, so the thought of adding more oil, even to remove makeup, seemed ridiculous.

However, last month when I was in Sephora to pick up my free birthday gift, I saw this sample size near the registers and thought “Why Not?!”. After the first use, I was pretty much hooked. It gentle removed all my makeup, eye makeup included, and left no oily residue. Still, I know my skin and I know just using the cleansing oil would be too much for my skin. So, I always follow up by washing my face with a gentle beauty bar.

So, my next trip to Sephora, I’m definitely picking up the full size of this cleansing oil.

Stay Stylish!

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