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Scalp Lotion I’m Obsessed With Right Now

When it comes to growing healthy hair, it definitely starts at the roots. A clean, moisturized scalp is a huge factor in helping you grow your hair. Therefore, I try to give my scalp just as much attention as my ends – they both need attention. One product that I use on my hair every night is a scalp lotion.

Kamedis Scalp Lotion for Healthy Scalp | STAINED COUTURE

I’ve used a couple of scalp creams over the last year, which helped my hair grow more than a couple of inches in less than a year. The current scalp lotion that I’ve been using and loving is the one from Kamedis. Keep reading to see why I’ve been fancying this one over my other options.

The first reason is because I’ve yet to meet a Kamedis product that my skin didn’t love. I still love and use the Kamedis acne products, which have yet to let a breakout beat me. So, I felt confident in that I would love this product, too.

Most scalp creams I’ve used had a thicker consistency, but this one is thin and creamy. Weird, but true. So, it works in my hair, no matter if my hair is straight or curly. Plus, it absorbs into the scalp pretty fast, which doesn’t mess up a straighten style. Now, let’s talk about the moisturizing factor, because it’s amazing. This makes my scalp feel clean and moisturized. You apply the scalp lotion at night, before bed. This allows the lotion to moisturize your scalp and prevent dandruff.

I recently had my hair dyed, which can make your scalp become dry. Well, I didn’t give it a chance to happen, because I started using this immediately. So, my scalp hasn’t been dry, flaky, or itchy. Actually, one day, the back of my head was a little itchy. However, I realized that I forgot to apply the cream the night before. The itchiness stopped, as soon as I rubbed a little scalp cream over it.

You might be wondering about build-up. Well, this doesn’t create any build-up, because the lotion instantly absorbs into the scalp. Needless to say, every morning after using the Kamedis Scalp Lotion, I wake up to a clean and moisturized scalp. Makes daily hair care a lot easier. You can purchase Kamedis products and their scalp lotion at

Have you tried a scalp lotion? Do you need to try one? Share below!

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BEAUTY TREND: Primer Blur Sticks

So, let’s talk about primer sticks or what the kids on Tik Tok and most brands have  been calling them; blur sticks.

Primer Blur Sticks | STAINED COUTURE

So, what exactly are blur sticks? Well, they’re pretty much face primers it the form of sticks a la’ foundation sticks. Now, I’m a full supporter of most beauty things that are formulated to come in stick form. However, me and face primers have a love/hate relationship. I love them in the warmer months when my makeup likes to shift when the sun rises. Yet, in the colder months, they mostly get ignored in my makeup routine. Still, I’m very intrigued by these new forms of face primers. So, keep reading as I delve more into them and a list few that may peak your interest.

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Essie Expressie Nail Polish Review

Essie Expressie Nail Polish Review

Essie Expressie Nail Polish Review | STAINED COUTURE

I’m into nails – it’s my thing. I spent most of my life as nail biter. However, in my late 20s, I stopped biting my nails. Out the blue, I realized I hadn’t bitten my nails in days and noticed they were *gasps* longer. So, I never bite my nails again and haven’t looked back. The one thing that prevented me from biting my nails was to always polish my nails. If I was ever stressed or bored, I whipped out a base coat, color, and top coat and paint my nails. Needless to say, I’ve bought and used a lot of nail polished and brands during this life of mine.

Recently, I decided to try a polish from Essie’s new nail polish line, Expressie. Interested in my thoughts? Well, keep reading for my Essie Expressie Nail Polish Review.

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EMPTIES: January 2020

Stained Couture’s monthly series, EMPTIES, featuring beauty products I’ve used up this month.


I have to be honest – I almost didn’t use up any products in January. Wild! However, I noticed there were some products in my bathroom that only had a couple of uses left. So, there was no  better time than the present to use them up. So, keep reading to see which products I used up both 3-pointing them into the garbage can in my bathroom. “KOBE!” 🙁

EMPTIES: January 2020

  • Dani Naturals Coconut Hibiscus Lotion – The scent smells like a tropical vacation. Really! Not only does it smell lovely, but it’s really moisturizing. I was sent this last year, but I’m going to order it this summer – with the matching shower.
  • Sephora Glycolic Glow Peel Pads – A couple of months ago, I picked up a few items from Sephora’s skincare line – out of pure curiosity. I picked up were these glycolic pads, because I live for a new skin treatment pads. However, these were a major disappointment. The pads were very thin and started to shred with the slightest swipe. Not to mention, I didn’t notice any changes in my skin, compared to glycolic pads I’ve tried in the past.
  • ClearProof Blemish Control Toner – During the holidays, I experienced some intense breakout. No matter the cause, this toner helped it go away and prevented some, too. I appreciated that this toner didn’t make my skin feel dry, which can be hard for some acne toners to do. I would buy this again.
  • Origins Spot Treatment – Yes, another acne product. I told ya’ll – my skin was being an utter jerk during the holidays. Thankfully, whenever I needed to expedite a pimple away, this spot treatment got it outta here. This will forever be one of my favorite acne spot treatments.
  • Sephora Clear Skin Days Toner – This other Sephora skincare product I bought. Unlike the pads, my skin actually enjoyed this toner. After using it daily for a couple of weeks, I did see some improvements. Unfortunately, I think it’s been discontinued, because I don’t see on their site. I bought mine in-store, so you may be able to find it there.
  • Pantene Leave-In Detangler Milk – The Pantene Gold Series is one of the best drugstore lines for natural hair. My favorite product from the line is the Leave-In Detangler, because it detangles and moisturizes my hair. I use it whether I plan to rock my hair curly or run the straighten iron through it. I’ve bought this numerous times.
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