EMPTIES: February 2023

EMPTIES: February 2023


Keep reading to see what I used up last month and my final thoughts on each item in this edition of EMPTIES.

Honestly, there are so a few products that will be going away to the EMPTIES archives, which means I won’t share them again. This doesn’t mean that I won’t use them again, but actually the opposite. It just means that I’ve bought them and used them up so many times, that it’s obvious a winner and repeat buy. So, let’s start with those items first and let the Neutrogena sunscreen go first. Actually, I’m a little annoyed that I included this sunscreen, because the Neutrogena sunscreens are some of my favorite drugstore sunscreens.

Another addition to the EMPTIES archives is the Lancome’ lash primer, which is honestly the star of my mascara routine. Although she works beautiful with my go-to Lancome mascaras, she even works great with some of the drugstore mascaras I’ve tried with her. Yes, my beauty products have feminine energy. 😊

The product I used up the travel size of Benefit Gimme Brow Eyebrow gel in 3.5, which is an auburn shade that matches my copper hair. Actually, I just got my brows lighten and don’t really need to use this to help tint my naturally dark brows. However, I’ve bought this product before in various shades when I need my brows to have a little tint, which is why I think I will only buy the travel size in this. The reason being is because it can dry out when you don’t use it frequently. Still, this a really great product that holds your brows in place all day.

The next product is a true is Walgreens Hydrating Water gel moisturizer. I randomly picked this up because my face was so dry while out one day. This moisturizer is very comparable to Neutrogena’s Hydro Boost Gel moisturizer and at a fraction of the cost. Honestly, I’ve used the Neutrogena one before and couldn’t tell the difference. Both feel calming and super hydrating. The only thing I didn’t like was the super generic label. Hopefully, Walgreens will think to redo some of their packaging, becasue the product is good!

Now that my hair is colored and gets regular touch ups, it’s needs regular intense hydrating hair masks. The Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Hair Masque definitely lived up to its name, because it helped my hair feel and look. Plus, it made it made my natural curls way more manageable. Yep, buying this again and soon, because I wear my natural curls more when it’s warm.

Another intensive I used up was Eco Lips Intensive Overnight Lip Mask, which is so good! Definitely would wake up with soft smooth lips in the morning. However, I would sometimes use this as as lip balm throughout a freezing winter day. It has a slight pinkish purple tint, which looked like a balm. Really great everyday, all day lip product.

Oh, The Ordinary Niacinamide serum might be going to the archives, too. The Ordinary makes great skincare products that are really useful for those that want to introduce new ingredients into their routine. FYI, niacinamide is great to help control excess oil and congested skin. I’ve used this plenty of times and try to keep a bottle in my skincare collection at all times. So, away to the archives this goes.

Finally, The Heritage Store Rose Water Spray is one of my favorite affordable skincare products. Rosewater helps to not only hydrate and moisturize your skin, but also toner. This is one of my favorites, because it’s not overly fragrant and easily absorbs into the skin.

Have you tried and have any thoughts on products from this EMPTIES post? Share below.

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