EMPTIES: October 2022

EMPTIES: October 2022


October felt really long, which I think helped me used up a lot of products. Of course, that doesn’t make sense, but I still used up a nice amount of products. So, please keep reading to see which products I emptied out last month.

First up, I have to start with this bottle of Donna Karen Cashmere Mist, which I scored on sale back during the pandemic. Back in mid-to-late 2020, I found some really good deals, including this bottle which I paid about $20. Nice. However, the price wasn’t the only reason I got – this is one of my favorite winter scents. Cashmere Mist is a warm fragrance that has floral, jasmine and vanilla notes. Plus, it was one of my mom’s favorite scents, which also makes me think I will buy this again.

Honestly, I can’t say enough about how Olaplex has really helped my hair over the past couple of years. In the past, I didn’t consistently used it, but I would notice some good changes. However, this past summer and early fall, I was using it at least once a week – mostly twice. The combination of washing my hair twice a week with Olaplex definitely helped my color-treated hair grow. Even my co-worker pointed it out to me. I’m an Olaplex girl now and I’ve already bought and started using a new set of Olaplex shampoo and conditioner. Not to mention, the Olaplex hair oil is superior, too.

The next item is Bliss Makeup Melt, which I did buy as a quick fix. I usually use the Dermaflage Makeup remover, which is an oil cleaser. Although I tend to prefer oil cleansers, I did enjoy this cleansing melt. It has a jelly texture and did do a pretty good job melting and removing makeup.  My waterproof mascara gave it a hard time, but it still did a decent job. What I didn’t like was having to remove it, because it didn’t easily rinse off. I had to actually use a face wash to make me feel like it was removed. Still, I would buy it again…IF there wasn’t an oil cleanser available.

I’d been wanting to try some scents from Mix Bar, which is only found at Target. On an impulse, I picked up the Sparkling Hibiscus body and hair mist on initial sniff. The scent was floral, but juicy thanks the mixing of hibiscus and bergamont. I use body sprays like they are meant to be worn – on your skin. I sprayed it on as soon as I hop out the shower, which means I didn’t smell it. However, I did love the scent enough that I will probably buy the perfume version next summer.

Another beauty brand exclusive to Target is Jozi Curls, which caters to all different types of curly hair. I picked up a couple of their products to give it a try, which included their Jozi Curl Refresher spray. Jozi Curls is a clean brand that’s vegan and sustainable. Honestly, the refresher spray was alright and pretty similar to most curl refreshers. I tried to use it as a detangler, which was nice since it helps smooth the hair as well. Unfotunately, I don’t think I’ll buy this again.

The COSRX Snail Mucin moisturizer is too good! The perfect daily moisturizer that helps soften skin and keeps it glowing. So, obviously, I will be buying this again!

The last 2 products are eye products – a newbie and throwback. I’m a liquid eyeliner girl and I’d been wanting to try the Benefit Roller Liquid Liner. I got the mini option to give a test run, which I’m glad I did. Although this liner claims to be waterproof – it wasn’t. It started to smudge within an hour. So disappointing!

Next up is an oldie that I hadn’t bought in years, but glad I picked it up a few months ago. This Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser concealer had late 20s and early 30s me in a chokehold. When bright undereyes and “baking” became a thing, this was my go-to concealer. Thankfully, it’s still really good and I will buy it again.

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