Nightly PreCleanse Routine

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned that I don’t have a go-to nightly skincare routine. Instead of using the same products, religiously every night, I instead listen to what my skin needs. There are days when my skin feels dry and I use hydrating products and get a little heavy handed with bedtime skin oil. However, I use the same nightly precleanse routine every night on days when I wear makeup.

Nightly PreCleanse Routine | STAINED COUTURE


What’s a precleanse routine? Well, it’s basically just removing your makeup before washing your face. Some people consider removing their makeup as part of their skincare routine, which it can be considered part of – not the cleansing part. I consider removing your makeup before washing your face the same as removing your clothes before taking a bath/shower. You need to remove to remove your clothes to wash your body. So, you need to remove your makeup in order to clean your face. Makes sense, right? Well, keep reading to see what I use and how.

I usually switch up the products every now and then, but these 3 are preferred players. If I’m certain I’m not going back out after work, I instantly remove my makeup when I get home. The process feels as relieving as removing your bra at the end of the day. Actually, I remove my makeup before my bra, because I prefer it so much.

The first product I use is the Dermaflage cleansing oil, which helps to gently loosen up the makeup. I’ve shared this product before in an empties post, but now it comes in an aesthetically please bottle. (I actually designed the label. shh!) Back to the important info. I take a couple of drops in my hand and then massage it all over my face. The cleansing oil helps to loosen and remove my makeup – even waterproof mascara. Once I feel like it has done it’s magic, I wipe off with a warm, clean face towel. Occasionally, I leave it on for a minute or so to help soften my skin. For days when I hardly wear any makeup or none at all, I can usually stop here.

However, if I decided to put some effort on my face in the form of makeup, I bring in a cleansing balm. After reading so many praises about Farmacy Green Clean cleansing balm, I finally decided to give it a try. It’s good y’all! I’m almost out, but I plan to buy the bigger jar next. Not only does it effortlessly melt everything off, but it feels so good. The combination of the cleansing oil and this balm makes my skin super soft. Love to see it.

The final step in my pre-cleanse routine is micellar water.Seriously, if you don’t keep a bottle of micellar water in your life, please let me know. M-Dub (my pet name for it) is so versatile. Some mornings I squeeze some on a cotton pad and it use it to cleanse my face before applying other products. However, I mainly use it as a final step when removing my makeup focusing on left over mascara. Also, to gently removing any product buildup on my hairline. Please start removing makeup and sweat buildup from your hairlines at night. Do it for your edges!

My preferred micellar water is still Bioderma, because it feels like water. Plus, it tends to get all of the mascara and liquid liner remnants from my eyes.

Do you have a nightly precleanse routine? Did you know it was a “thing”?

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