Gillian at kate spade

I’ve always been a fan of kate spade bags. They are simple and classic bags that are well made and timeless. I own one black kate spade tote that I got all the way back in college and it still looks incredible and is ageless in style.

Despite my love and appreciation of kate spade bags, I’ve never really tried the shoes out. Mainly, I’ve never really seen a pair that made me want hardcore. Well, all that changed when I saw these beauts! More after the jump!

These are kate spade Gillian and they are absolutely beautiful. I saw them in person last night and I had a very lovely dream about them to the point that I think these would be perfect for my V-Day night of lovely dovey romance. They are available in black, too, but the purple ones just stand out like a sore, but well manicured thumb. So, pretty.

Stay Stylish!

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