Half Faux, but Full Fab!

Excuse my absence yesterday, but I didn’t have to come to the office yesterday and Mother nature rewarded us Memphians with a sunny day in upper 50s! So, needless to day, my BF and I decided to enjoy it.

It was so nice to be able to leave the house without bundling up in 2-3 layers of outerwear. All I did was grab my simple black blazer and a nice pashmina scarf and it was just enough warmth for a fabulous day or enjoying life.

However, what would have made me and the day a little more fabulous is if I would have been able to rock this affordable piece of hotness, purple label’s ray leather sleeve jacket!

Its a uber chic black blazer with a hint of edginess thanks to the sleeves being half faux leather. It would look great with a jeans, a white tee, and simple pair of shoes. Plus, its on sale for $42 at 80s Purple! Yes, large is still available!

Stay Stylish!

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