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Half Faux, but Full Fab!

Excuse my absence yesterday, but I didn’t have to come to the office yesterday and Mother nature rewarded us Memphians with a sunny day in upper 50s! So, needless to day, my BF and I decided to enjoy it.

It was so nice to be able to leave the house without bundling up in 2-3 layers of outerwear. All I did was grab my simple black blazer and a nice pashmina scarf and it was just enough warmth for a fabulous day or enjoying life.

However, what would have made me and the day a little more fabulous is if I would have been able to rock this affordable piece of hotness, purple label’s ray leather sleeve jacket!

Its a uber chic black blazer with a hint of edginess thanks to the sleeves being half faux leather. It would look great with a jeans, a white tee, and simple pair of shoes. Plus, its on sale for $42 at 80s Purple! Yes, large is still available!

Stay Stylish!

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Dolce Vita’s Watson Bootie


I’m about 95% done with my Christmas shopping.*pats self on the back* I just need to find a couple of things for my mom that will knock her socks off. I have an idea, I just need to put it motion. Pronto.

Although I’m almost through scratching people off my list shopping list, my personal wish list is getting longing and I just added these Dolce Vita Watson booties.

I know, I know, there are plenty of knock offs and variations of this booties clomping around the fashionphere, but my mind, body, soul and closet want these! Unfortuantely, they are out in my size at 80s Purple.  So, I’m going to embark on mid-day online hunt for a pair of these Watson booties in a 9. Wish me luck!

Stay Stylish!

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