I heart Erica Anenberg Necklaces

Today is me and my bf’s 1 year anniversary and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. So, needless to say, I’m all about sweet gifts I would like to have and/or wear on sweethearts day.

One thing I would love to have is one of these uber sweet necklaces by Erica Anenberg. Aren’t they cute?!

Read more to read me gush and swoon for one!

I was browsing around online and somehow I stumbled upon this designer. I don’t remember what hyperlink path I took ( I was watching American Idol and saw a heart necklace and got my google on, but after that I’m blank.), but I’m glad I did! Of course, you all know that I love cute jewelry and finding designers that I wasn’t fortunate it enough to not have heard of before. So, needless to say, it really tickled my fancy to see these necklaces.

Actually, Erica Anenberg makes more than just necklaces. See has some of the dopest and swoon-worthy 2 finger rings that are cute and chic without being too edgy(Click here to see a 2 finger bow ring that has stolen a piece of my heart!). Also, she has some pretty incredible statement rings and dazzling earrings.

However, my sugar coated heart is hearting here collection of delicate, love infused necklaces that would look hot and sweet layered.

Check out EricaAnenberg.com, glance around and pick out something for yourself, but my focus is trying to get this little gold heart necklace. I think it needs my neck!

Stay Stylish!

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