IOTW: Defy CBD Muscle Balm

ITEM OF THE WEEK: Defy CBD Muscle Balm


If you’ve been following me for a minute, then you should know that I love a good muscle balm. However, when they also have CBD, it’s a full on love affair. For the couple of weeks, while I’ve been MIA from this site, I’ve dedicating time to move my body more. This has involved walking, the occasional strength training, and deep stretching. You would think the latter isn’t that bad, but…whew…it can be strenuous.

Thankfully, this CBD balm by Defy has been there to help soothe my muscles and keep me going when needed. Therefore, as a payback for all it’s done for me, I think it deserves to be my Item of the Week. Keep reading to see why.

Defy first entered the market with CBD performance drinks formulated to help athletes recover and refocus – off the field, court, or gym. However, they also have a couple pure CBD products, including CBD oil. However, the CBD muscle balm is where it’s at for me. Although, I’m the furthest thing from an athlete – with the body to prove it – a trainer once told me it’s very important to time for your muscles to recover.

The Defy CBD muscle balm is formulated with menthol, camphor and 800mg of CBD. Yes, 800mg, which helps my muscles instantly relax after a 45 minute stretch routine or standing on my feet all day. It’s easy to apply – just roll it and on your muscles. When I use it, I feel it working within minutes and I’m usually knocked out a few minutes later.

Another thing I love about this muscle balm, compared to others, is that it doesn’t have an overwhelming smell. Most creams and balms for muscles have a strong scent, but this one doesn’t. The scent is faint and doesn’t linger, which is great.

Final bonus is that since this CBD muscle balm contains a high amount of CBD, you don’t need to apply much. Therefore, unless you use it multiple times everyday, it should last you awhile. You can buy the Defy CBD Muscle Balm at If your New Year’s resolution is going to involve you working out more, get this balm. It will help your muscles recover too fast for your to be too tired to quit. 😀

Have you tried this CBD muscle balm? If not, are you intrigued?

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