LINK-END ROUND-UP: January 13, 2023

LINK-END ROUND-UP: January 13, 2023


Happy Friday and the first Friday the 13th of 2023!  It’s funny that, as a child, Friday the 13th was such a “spooky” day. However, as an adult, I spend it sipping wine while watching true crime TV. Well, my plans tonight include having dinner and catchng up with 2 friends at Benihana. Still, I may finish the night with a glass of wine. I will raise a glass to those of you participating in Dry January.

I’ve never done Dry January, because I rarely drink. Did you know that Dry January has only been around for 10 years? It was started to help people pay attention to their alcohol consumption. This especially true for those that feel like they drink alor or consumed too much over the holiday season. Not to mention, their are many benefits to Dry January – I shared some links below. 😉

Most people are about to take in the 3-Day MLK weekend and I’m one of them. As usual, I plan to chill this weekend, but there is one thing that I would like to do – get my nails done. It’s been a long time since I got some extensions professionally applied to my nails. Plus, I’ve been wanting a fresh set of french tips, which used to be my go-to nails of choice. However, this was before I discovered gel nail art. Plus, I’m a little scared to see how much the cost due to everything seeming to cost double now. So, wish me luck!

I really hope you all have a great weekend and take some for yourself. Also, please check out the links in this week’s Link-End Round-Up.

LINK-END ROUND-UP: January 13, 2023

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