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I spent some of this past weekend chipping away at my spring cleaning list and decided to in my bedroom, because that is where I spend most of my time. The one area in my bedroom that has been accumulating the most clutter is my desk area. However, I haven’t been doing much work in that space. It’s becoming to be a catchall for mail and other items without a home. Therefore, I’ve decided to turn it back to a makeup and vanity area. For inspiration, I’ve become obsessed with looking for pictures of vanity areas for inspiration.

organized vanity areas

Therefore, I spent an insane amount of time this weekend fawning over organized makeup and vanity areas. Also, this weekend, I purged quite of bit of makeup from my collection. If it was a product I haven’t used in a year or if I don’t see myself wearing it anytime soon, it was tossed. So, my collection is pretty small, but perfect curated for me. Now, I just need to create a vanity areas to use my makeup.

Since I’m all about clean style and minimal design, I’m loving the clean and organized look of this one. The floating vanity and shelving units is a great idea to cut back on space. Very ideal vanity inspiration for me.

organized vaity mirror with large mirror

A dream vanity area, other than it being it organized, would need an oversized mirror. A large mirror adds some luxe and grandeur to a simple area or space. I love this gold ornate mirror int the image above.

u part wig

When it comes to organizing, the main thing is for everything to have a place. Adding extra shelving is an instant way to have extra space to put things that might be too big to slide away in a drawer or stuff into a closet. Plus, some beauty products’ like hair lace wigs, U part wigs, packaging is too beautiful to stow away. A few white floating shelves in your vanity area helps give a place to display while storing some of your coveted items. Also, the clear sectioned drawer is a new must-have for me.

If you are looking for some vanity area inspiration, you can follow my Vanity Areas board on Pinterest. Since I just created it and I’ve yet to start mapping out my vanity area, I plan to be updating it frequently.

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