Beauty Favorites Summer 2021

Seriously can’t believe that Summer 2021 is about to wrap. I was planning on having a hot girl summer, but I didn’t realize that the “hot” was in all cap and bold. So, I mostly opted for an “AC on blast in the house” summer and I’m not mad. However, while I was basking under the vents while it blew cold air, I did try and fell in love with some products. Discovering new beauty favorites is one of my favorite pastimes.

Beauty Favorites Summer 2021 | STAINED COUTURE

If you want to see what products I loved hard this summer, keep reading.

I love body oils – almost obsessed with them! Actually, now that I think of it, I should start collecting them. Hmm. Anyway, this Vaseline Cocoa Butter Body oil was iconic for me this summer. Although it’s a body oil, it comes out more as a gel. Less mess. However, it applies and absorbs into the skin like an oil. The scent is barely there, which I appreciate. Plus, it made my skin glisten without the oily residue.

As I’ve stated before, 2-in-1 products are hit and miss for me. However, I do find a gem every now and then, such as this Weleda Cleanser and Toner. I bought this on a whim while glancing down the beauty aisle at Whole Foods last year. I didn’t use it much until this summer when I started to go on morning walks when I would first wake up. Since I would go walking first thing in the morning, it was too soon to do my morning skincare routine. So, I would soak a cotton round with this and wipe it around my face to gently clean and tone my face. I would follow it up with a little moisturizer and sunscreen. This is perfect for people who like a simple and/or quick skincare routine. Also, it would be great to use before and after working out.

Speaking of working out. My Salonpas Muscle Rub stick has been the support system I needed since starting this more active lifestyle. I was first introduced to Salonpas a few years when I was gifted some pain relief patches. Ever since then, Salonpas is my usual go-to for muscle relief and I buy it with my own money. I usually go for the patches – slap one on the area and let it do it’s work. However, while looking for the patches, I saw that they have a Salonpas roll-on pain relief option . I was intrigued that it had 4% Lidocaine, which is a pain reliever. Just like with other Salonpas products I’ve tried, this liquid provides almost instant relief and calmness. Also, the roll-on option makes it easier to target the area and no- mess. I use it every night.

Also, now that I’ve been sweating more – from the humid heat and exercising – I’ve been mostly wearing my hair curly. The Design Essential Almond and Avocado Daily Curl Revitalizer spray is so good. This spray not only helps hydrate my days old curls, but it makes them look fresh. My favorite thing is that it absorbs into my hair easily and there is no left over residue. Actually, this Almond and Avocado line is one of my favorite lines from Design Essential.

So, I’m including a brush in my summer beauty round up BUT this brush from Pattern Beauty is exceptional. The Pattern Beauty Shower brush is heavy to hold, but so gently and effective on my curls. Easily detangles my coily hair and brush product through my hair. If you have curly¬† hair and prefer to have your curls clump, then this is the hair brush for you.

What was your beauty favorites from this summer? Share below!

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