Best Beauty Products from Walmart

favorite beauty products from walmart

Recently, after many years of avoiding having to go into Walmart, I’ve started to pop in more. However, the main reason I go is to check out products from their exclusive beauty lines; Flower and Hard Candy. After buying and trying different products from both lines, I have developed my own personal list of the best beauty products from Walmart. Keep reading to see some of my favorite picks.

Actually, Walmart was the first place where I used to by my skincare and makeup as a pre-teen. The only way my mom could lure me to go with her was to promise that I could get a new pink tube of lipstick of bottle of Sea Breeze astringent. Walmart was the best place to get any drugstore makeup and skincare item you needed. They still are, but now they carry makeup products that you can only get there. Although I haven’t tried everything, there are some that I’ve tried that are amazing.

Some of you 80s babies might recall the pop culture phenom of Hard Candy nail polishes with matching collectable rings in the mid 90s. However, after falling off for a few years, they reappeared exclusively on the shelves of Walmarts. I’ve already mentioned my love for Hard Candy’s heavy-duty concealer, but their Sheer Envy Pore-Defense Primer Serum is great, too. The consistency is light and easily blends onto your skin. It does a great job at minimizing the appearance of my large pores and keeping my makeup in tact all day. Not bad for a primer under $10.

I’ve only tried a few products from FLOWER, which is Drew Barrymore’s cosmetics line that you can only buy at Walmart. However, the one product that I recommend you try is FLOWER’s lip products. I’m super fond of their Lip Suede Velvet Lip Chubby sticks. For fall, I’m all into velvet lips and this formula is BOMB! The texture is smooth, soft, and long-lasting. Unfortunately, it’s not available in that many shades, but the shades available work for all shades.

So, stroll down the beauty aisles and check out the beauty products from Walmart. You never know, you might find your next favorite beauty product.


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