EMPTIES: January 2022

EMPTIES: January 2022


Last month, I emptied some of my favorite products, which means I hated to see them go. Keep reading to see what I used up last month and why I loved them.

First up is Black Girl Sunscreen, which I had been wanting to try since I first heard of it. So, the moment I saw an opening in my sunscreen collection, I picked this up from Target. The reason it’s important to have a sunscreen formulated for melanated skin is that most sunscreens leave a white cast. A white cast left on black and brown skin makes the skin look ashy, which is not a good look. This sunscreen, which was created by a black woman, is formulated to provide sun protection without the white cast. After one use, the Black Girl Sunscreen proved that it perfect for all skintones, but especially one’s with melanin.

Black Girl Sunscreen comes in matte and moisturizing formulas. I chose the latter, because my aging skin is on the dry side. So, all the moisture and hydration I can add and keep in my skin, the better.

The next product I used up was Camille Rose Curl Love Moisture Milk. I rarely put heat on my hair and try to wear it naturally curly as much as possible. Since I have thick, color-treated curly hair, I need hydrating products for my curly hair and this curl milk does the trick. I would apply this for braid outs and as moisturizer for a simple wash n go and put it in a bun. The formula is very light, which helps the curls look and feel light. I’m currently working on my second bottle.

Next up is Stri-Vectin Super-C Retinol serum, which was a surprise winner. I picked this up, because I needed to add a new Vitamin C serum to my skincare and retinol. So, this was a 2 for 1 special for me, which did not disappoint. Within a couple of weeks of using it,  my skin looked brighter and smoother. It’s a little on the pricey side, but totally worth it.

Finally, I had to say adieu to the SMOUVE Hydroblast Facial Mask. This product has the right name, because I applied this mask whenever my skin felt dry. After rinsing it off, my skin instantly looked and felt hydrated. We have had a very cold winter in these parts, so I was cracking this jar open at least once a week. Hence, it’s all gone, but I will be reordering this soon. I’m long overdue for a SMOUVE order – just waiting for my skin sealant to run out.

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