EMPTIES: November 2022

EMPTIES: November 2022


Is this a EMPTIES post for the products I used up in November? Yes. Is it almost the end of December and almost a whole new year? Yes. Your point? Keep reading to see what products I used up almost 2 months ago.

As you can see, I only used up 3 items and one is a repeat. First up, let’s talk about the Jozi Curls Leave-In conditioner. This was the second product that I ever used from JOZI -the first was their Curl Refresher spray. I will say that I enjoyed the leave-in conditioner better than the detangling. The JOZI leave-in conditioner has a little weight to it, but great slip to the hair. So much so that I wore diluted some and wore it as a moisturizer for my natural curly hair. So, I did get my money worth and I may buy it again.

The next item I used up was PanOxyl Acne Foaming Face Wash, which I’ve used before. However, I got a poorly sealed bottle this time and it burst after the third use. Since it was a new bottle, I obviously didn’t apply much power to squeeze the product out. Plus, I was totally disappointed by the customer service – or lack or customer service. As you can see, I never got a replacement bottle and not sure if the product was still good after having so much contact to air. So, I’m a little disheartened and undecided if or when I would buy this again.

Finally, I used up the sample of the Tatcha moisturizer that came with my free Sephora birthday gift. Just like the cleanser with this set, I loved the moisturizer. The moisturizer was lightweight and nicely absorbed into the skin. Also, this made my skin look and feel soft, which is nice for the colder months. Yes, I will be buying the full-size soon.

Have you tried any of the items from this EMPTIES edition? Share below.

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