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When I graduated from college back in 2004 (whoa.), it seemed like the process to look for a job was…very interesting,for a lack of better words. You either were one of those few people who secured your first job before graduation by kicking ass (working hard) and taking names(networking) at your internship and/or pounded the pavement at the very few online and on-campus job boards looking for anything that could pay you enough to not have to move back home.

However, the job search market has changed drastically in the 10+ years since I had to endure my search for my first “real” job. Truth be told, the ability to search for jobs has rapidly developed since I found my current job 4 years ago. Now, you can search, find, apply, and even secure a new job with a few swipes off your cell phone. Yes, your next job is pretty much in your pocket…right now.

Currently, I’m passively looking for a new job. So, job search apps have become some of my favorite apps to click on multiple times a day. I check in frequently throughout the day, because they are constantly updating and adding new jobs.

So, if you currently or thinking about looking for a new job, check out these 3 easy job seeker apps that I use everyday.

Indeed – The Indeed app is just like Indeed.com with it being very easy to search and apply for jobs. Plus, you can see others reviews of working for each company. It’s always nice to know what you’re potentially getting yourself into.

LinkedIn Job Search – I love the LinkedIn app, because it’s perfectly condensed version of the LinkedIn website. However, the ability to search jobs from it was always a little more confusing than it should be and I guess they realized it,too, because they recently released a LinkedIn Job Search app that it purely used for searching and apply for jobs without all the streaming posts. You can search, apply, and even track jobs you’ve applied for or looking to apply. Plus, if you already have the LinkedIn app on your phone, the job search app will automatically sign and sync up with it once it’s been downloaded.

Glassdoor – Another app that’s quick for instant job searches. However, like the Glassdoor website, the app let’s you view and compare similiar jobs and salary.

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