Lip Tint Pens I Buy In Bulk and Why

When it comes to makeup, I spend the least amount of money on lip products. I probably spend more money on lip moisturizers and balms instead of lip colors. However, there is one lip color product that I buy constantly; lip tint pens.

lip tint pens

Unfortunately, its’ hard to find brands that make them any more. Fortunately, ELF still makes them and I buy them up every time I run across them. Keep reading to find out why lip tint pens are my jam.

I’m not really a lipstick and lip gloss person. Although I wear them occasionally, my go-to lip look is natural, flush, bitten lip. Lip tint pens are great for adding a color to your lips without it looking like you have lip product on. Personally, that’s the reason I tend to only buy lip tints in pinks, reds, and nudes.

The application process is easily. These tint pens are very reminiscent of the fat markers we used to color with as kids. When applying, I outline the shape of my lips first and then fill in the rest. The tint almost dries instantly.

Also, I’m not a champion of having to reapply makeup throughout the day. Thankfully, this lip tint tends to stay on for the majority of the day and easily sets into your lips to look even more natural.

Now don’t get it twisted, if you are all about the lipstick and lipgloss life, these pens can come in handy. Apply then under your lipstick and/or lip gloss for stronger color.

Have you tried lip tint pens before? If so, share your experience below.


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