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For the past month, I’ve been actively looking for a new job. Thankfully, I’ve gotten some interest and a few interviews. If you’ve been on job interviews, you know how stressful that entire process can entail. One of the first things that come to your mind when preparing for a job interview is “What am I going to wear?”. However, for women, this can include your makeup for job interviews.

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Well, unless you are applying for a makeup artist at a counter know for bright looks, it’s best to keep it simple. So, this post is dedicated to what makeup you should wear for a job interview and even some makeup you shouldn’t wear.

Your makeup should look as natural as possible, which starts with your foundation. Therefore, I suggest you start with a BB cream, which gives you light coverage. If you need ever coverage, use a concealer to cover some skin imperfections.

Not everyone likes wearing blush, but it can help you look fresh and alert. However, you don’t want anything too bright, and a soft, pink is the way to go. Just make sure it’s one that compliments your complexion. If you’re on the fair side, I super soft peachy pink will work and deeper complexions can go with a soft fuchsia.

My favorite makeup to wear is a deep black liquid eyeliner with a slight cat eye. However, black liner, liquid or pencil, can look a little harsh and distracting. So, I suggest you use a brown liner, which can still emphasis your eyes, but subtly.

A soft pink lip is the easiest and safest route to go, but for a number of reasons. A pink lip doesn’t distract the interviewer from not looking you in the eye, for one. Also, if it smears or gets on your teeth, it will hardly be noticeable, unlike a red lipstick. In regards to finishes, avoid shiny and glossy finishes. Matte, semi-matte, and velvet are more suitable. Personally, I always go with NYX lip pencil in ‘Rose’, which is close to my natural lip color. Plus, it compliments most complexions, fyi.


If there was one thing I try to avoid wearing during a job interview is highlighter. Highlighter, even if it’s done good or bad, can be very distracting. You don’t want the person listening to be distracted by your glow.

One other thing I would avoid is heavy contour and bronzer. Sure, you want to look warm, but not like you just rolled off the beach.

Have any other tips on what to wear or not wear for a job interview? Share below!

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