BEAUTY TREND: Primer Blur Sticks

So, let’s talk about primer sticks or what the kids on Tik Tok and most brands have¬† been calling them; blur sticks.

Primer Blur Sticks | STAINED COUTURE

So, what exactly are blur sticks? Well, they’re pretty much face primers it the form of sticks a la’ foundation sticks. Now, I’m a full supporter of most beauty things that are formulated to come in stick form. However, me and face primers have a love/hate relationship. I love them in the warmer months when my makeup likes to shift when the sun rises. Yet, in the colder months, they mostly get ignored in my makeup routine. Still, I’m very intrigued by these new forms of face primers. So, keep reading as I delve more into them and a list few that may peak your interest.

The first brand I remember selling primer sticks was Milk Cosmetics, which is how most of their products come. Like with most new and “different” products, I didn’t really feel the need to try it. However, now that I’m really into products that Lazy Girl Beauty-friendly, I think blur sticks may need to be in my arsenal. Plus, the weather should be warming up any second now, which means it’s almost primer season for me.

Like with the traditional bottled up primers, there a different primer sticks to focus on individual needs and price points. Here are few to help you out.


  • Milk Makeup Luminous Blur Stick – Milk was one of the first brands to create a matte primer sticks. However, they also have one that gives your skin a luminous glow through your makeup. This is a good option if you have dull or dry skin.
  • NUDESTIX Nudies Tinted Blur Stick – NUDESTIX is another brand that mostly has products in stick form. However, their blur stick also doubles as a tinted moisturizer, which is nice 2-in-1 product. Plus, they have a decent color range available.
  • elf Prep and Hydrate Balm – This elf Primer stick is affordable blur stick, which also helps hydrate the skin for an even smoother makeup application.
  • My Clarins PORE-LESS blur and matte stick – This blur and matte primer stick is a good option if you don’t want to spend too much nor too cheap.
  • Lancome Blur & Go Priming Stick – Oh, money isn’t an object? Well, let me introduce you to this Lancome primer stick. I tested this out while shopping recently and it felt super smooth and luxe.
  • Revolution PRO Blur Stick Universal Face Primer – I recently joined TikTok out of curiosity and one the ‘it’ items the TT beauty community is raving about is this universal primer stick by Revolution. The results made me decided to pick it and the price point of $15 is the cherry on top. I’m still in testing mode, but really good so far.

Have you tried a blur stick or face primer stick, yet? Thoughts?

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