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EMPTIES: June 2020

EMPTIES: June 2020


EMPTIES: June 2020

I’d been wanting to try some products from Inkey List for a minute. I bought a few products from them, but the first product I used up was the Vitamin C cream. I think everyone needs to incorporate a vitamin C serum in their life, because it helps brighten the skin and fade discoloration. This serum is kind of thick and creamy, but it’s not too strong. I would recommend this is you want to add vitamin C to your skincare regimen. I don’t think I’ll buy this again, because it’s not strong enough for my skin.

The samples I used up this months is a Peter Thomas Roth FirmX Collagen moisturizer and Lancome Lash primer. I was excited for the collagen moisturizer, because it was part the same line as one of my favorite physical exfoliators. Also, my aging face is always down for anything with collagen. Although it was a very small sample, you don’t need that much moisturizer. I loved the thick, gel-like consistence of it. Since there wasn’t much to give a full review – I did enjoy it. I might actually buy the full-size bottle one day.

As for the lash primer – it was good! I know some people don’t think lash primers don’t do anything, but me and my sparse lashes do. However, I didn’t notice much difference with this primer than cheaper ones I’ve used in the past. So, I doubt I buy this in full-size.

I’ve been looking for a new hydrating body lotion and decided to go back to the basics – Vaseline. I grew up on and with the regular Vaseline, but they have so many more options now. The cocoa butter formulas and gel ones are amazing, but I wanted to try a different one. So, I grabbed this one, because it was a “jelly”. It did not have the texture of jelly, but it was super hydrating. I will totally buy this again when scrolling through Target in need a new moisturizer.

I used up another bottle of Bare Minerals Bare Pro foundation – it’s a new favorite. Initially, I was going to use this time to try to find a good drug store option, but I kept getting duds. So, I’ve already bought another bottle of this foundation. If it works, why go searching for others. *shrugs*

When I wash my hair, I usually let it hair dry before using a flatiron. However, I prefer the final results when I blow dry my hair first – on low heat and with a heat protectant. Not Your Mother’s thermal heat protectant is awesome – protects and not heavy. Probably will buy this again.

However, when it’s hot, I tend to wear my natural curls. There is no better moisturizer for my hair than the iconic S-Curl activator moisturizer. Well, there may be better, but I wouldn’t know since this one has yet to let me down. For the rest of my life, you will always find a bottle of this in my hair product stash.

Finally, I was able to use up Smashbox Photofinish Minimize Pores face primer. I used to love Smashbox primers, as well as every OG beauty vlogger. However, they no longer work with my makeup and skin. Plus, there are so many other primers out there that work better for me. So, I won’t be buying this again. Not because it’s bad, but because it’s not for me.

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EMPTIES: March AND April 2020

EMPTIES: March AND April 2020


Since I didn’t post last month, I missed posting about the products I used up in March. Now, that we’re in May, the products I used up in April is due, too. I didn’t use up that many products in March, because that’s when the world started to lockdown. So, I was very lax with my appearance for awhile, but I did try every now and then. Therfore, I’m going to combine the two in this post, because why not. Keep reading to see the products that I used up over the last couple of months.

EMPTIES: March 2020

One of the first products I used up was an essential oil for stress from Bath and Body Works. Pre-Corona, I used this oil after showering and before bed. However, after we reached pandemic mode, I was looking for all the ways to help me relax. Did this help me relax? Not sure, but it did help calm me down to fall asleep. I also used up another tube of Revlon Lip Sugar balm and I need to pick another one up.

Earlier this year, Fenty Beauty released an eyebrow pencil. The only thing about this pencil that made me buy this pencil was the mini paddle brush on the end. The brush was good, but only for a few uses. The brush collected a lot of buildup and the pencil itself was just okay. So, I doubt I buy this again.

The next product I used up was another Mario Badescu toner – Aloe lotion. I bought this toner, because it was soothing. I did like this toner and would buy it again, but it wouldn’t be at the top of my favorite toners. Still, I would buy it again.

I finally tried and used up Ouai’s Super Dry Shampoo. I’ve really enjoyed the Ouai products I’ve used so far – a little pricey, though. This dry shampoo made my hair feel super dry. So, if you have dry/thick/over-processed  hair, I wouldn’t recommend this for your hair.  Yet, it did an amazing job removing excess oil from my hair while giving it extra texture. Please note that Ouai products are very fragrant, which you might hate if you have a sensitive nose. I love it, though! I do plan to buy this again, but in the mini sizes.

EMPTIES: April 2020


Once I survived March, I decided to try to get back to normal in April. My favorite product that I used up was, hands down, the Elemis Pro-Collagen Rose Cleansing Balm. I’d heard good things about Elemis cleansing balms and bought the small jar of the rose balm. I loved this balm! It melted into my skin and effortlessly removed my makeup with a warm washcloth. Plus, it smells like roses – my favorite scent. I would and will totally buy this again!

One of the first Mario Badescu products I ever used was the Enzyme Cleansing Gel. However, that was many, many years ago, at this point. I’ve been wanting to see if my almost 40-years-old skin loved it as much as my almost 30 years-old-skin. So, I picked up a travel-size bottle to see if it still sent me and it did. This really is a great gentle cleanser for all skin types, especially oily skin. It’s a gel cleanser, which means it doesn’t make your skin feel stripped after cleansing. Instead, it leaves your skin feel clean and refreshed. I’m so glad that I decide to try this out again, because I will totally buy this again.

I used to be a hardcore The Ordinary fan, because the price point and results were amazing. However, they have more competition with more options. However, when I saw this bottle of their infamous “Buffet” in Ulta, I decided to give it a try. Yeah, this was a bust for my skin. It was okay, but I didn’t notice any results. I think this serum would be great for a person with normal skin that wants to maintain it. However, combination/aging skin, it was a bust.

What was your favorite product that you recently used up?


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IOTW: Brow Blade by Urban Decay

Stained Couture Item of the Week: Urban Decay Brow Blade Ink Stain Brow Pencil

IOTW: Brow Blade by Urban Decay | STAINED COUTURE

I’ve been feeling a little uncertain about posting content, because of the current state our world. However, for mental purposes, I need to create a sense of normality. So, here I am to talk about the latest beauty product that I’ve tried and obsessed with. The product that I’m speaking of is Urban Decay’s Brow Blade. Keep reading to see why this product has been rocking my world and struggling eye brows.

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EMPTIES: February 2020

EMPTIES – February 2020 – all the products I used up in February 2020


The last few weeks have felt like we are on a snowball ride through hell, but here we are. Hopefully, everyone is taking all the precautions that they can, which can be hard. However, some of us still have to go to work and live the same life we’ve been living for years, but with extra sanitizers. I have to admit, trying to stay afloat on all the information that is constantly churning out has been exhausting. Now, I’m ready to get back to my usual stuff – sharing content.

So, keep reading to see all the products that I used up in February.

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