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Metallic Fringe Loafers

metallic fringe loafers

When fall hits, I become obsessed with a certain number of things that don’t quite feel appropriate any other time of year, such as burgundy manicures, multiple pumpkin flavored foods, and loafers. Ah, loafers! Some people hear “loafers” and think of retired grandpas and librarians. However, loafers are not your grandpa or favorite elementary school librarian’s shoes any more. Loafers have evolved into some pretty cute and style shoes in different shapes and styles. Now, you can find a pair of loafers in multiple colors and materials, including metallic fringe loafers. I’m obsessed with metallic fringe loafers!

In case you are new around here, I love metallic, especially metallic shoes and accessories. Since I’m not really into bright and sparkly clothing, I opt to look for accessories that subtly add some unexpected sparkle to my look every now and then. So, it’s not much of a shock that I’ve been eyeing and dying over all the metallic fringe loafers out this season. They are the perfect mix of classic meets fun and trendy. I’m so down for this trend, FYI.

I first became of obsessed with this style of loafer when Gucci (of course) released the metallic version of their leather fringe loafer pumps. Ridiculously amazing, in my opinion. The only thing I couldn’t fall in love with was the price. Thankfully, other brands realized the beauty in metallic fringe loafers and followed suit with their own renditions of this revitalized classic shoe style. So thankful for mass production and lower prices.

So, you know your girl some low and high options for you to strut in some glitter fringe loafers this season. Check them out!

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Combat Boots for Fall 2016

combat boots for fall

This weekend I began my annual loading up of leggings to replace my thinning (and maybe holing) summer leggings. When I think of fall and winter looks that involve leggings, 98.9% of the time, combat boots are the shoe pairing of choice. For some reason, the combat boots and leggings look is an everyday no-brainer for a casual fall look. It’s probably one outfit that I could and sometimes do wear 7 days a week.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been quite cool enough for me to break out my beloved Jeffrey Campbell combat boots that I’ve had and worn for over 3 years. Although they are perfectly aged and still look great, it would be nice to had a “newer” looking pair to the fall shoe gang. I’m not sure if I want to get another flat pair of get casual sexy with a heeled one. How about a shiny pair or over the knee pair? So many options, but I’m loving the hunt.

Here are some stylish combat boots for fall that are very worthy contenders.

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SPLURGE or SAVE: Gucci Leather Loafer Slides

gucci leather loafer slides

I’ve recently been impressed and obsessed with the latest footwear offerings from Gucci. Let’s keep it real, Gucci rarely does wrong. They just have the ability to perfectly mix classic design with trendy elements. However, I’ve been obsessing over their leather loafer slides. Actually, there are one of the hottest shoes out there.

What makes them amazing is that they are simple and timeless. Their only setback is the almost $600 price tag. Now, the way my budget is set up, there’s currently no room to splurge on some luxurious, beautiful italian leather loafer slides. The heart wants it wants, but the wallet shuts it down.

Despite these loafer slides becoming everyday wear worthy, I knew I needed to find another, more affordable option. So, I did.

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Office Friendly Sneakers

office friendly sneakers

When it comes to deciding what to wear for work, I have it pretty easy. I work in a casual work environment where even the CEO and president wear “dad jeans” and souvenir t-shirts everyday. However, some of my co-workers choose to dress in traditional office clothing such as slacks, button-up shirts, and the occasional well-structured skirt and heels combo.

Although I do embrace the casual office vibes, which has included me coming in to work wearing leggings, a graphic tee du jour, and some metallic Birkenstocks (judge me. IDGAF.), sneakers are the one thing that I try not to go super casual on. The “perfect” office friendly sneakers might seem like a unicorn to some, but they do exist.

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2016 Fall Shoes Edit

2016 fall shoes edit

In case you can’t tell, I’m so stoked for fall. It’s my favorite season, hands down. The weather begins to get cooler (I hate being hot), my birthday is in September (I’m getting old.), and fall fashions are my favorite (I love layering). Although, I’m still prepping my fall wardrobe, I already know the shoes that I need this season. So, please check them out in my 2016 fall shoes edit.

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