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Lace-Up Ballet Flats

lace-up ballet flats

It’s almost ballet flats season. Well, ballet flats work all year and in different styles. Last year, it was all about ballet flats with laser design cutouts and thin lace-up. However, this season, it’s all about the look of traditional ballet flats with solid flat shoes and wide ribbons to lace-up up your ankle.

Ballet flats are shoe staples, because they are cute and comfortable. Other than being super comfortable, another great thing about ballet flats is that they are very versatile.You can pair them with dresses, short, or add a feminine look to your favorite well-worn boyfriend style jeans.

Although the lace-up ballet flats have the traditional style and design of ballet flats, they are available in different colors, fabrics, and textures. Personally, I’m crushing a pair of velvet ones, myself.

If you would like to get in on the lace-up ballet flats fun, check out these options I found that are not only cute and comfortable, but also very affordable.

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Velvet Ankle Boots

velvet ankle boots

For the past few weeks (maybe months), I’ve been obsessing over velvet booties. Velvet is such a winter fabric, but I’ve always been a little indifferent about wearing velvet shoes. Wet velvet can’t be a good idea, right? Yet, despite my logic, velvet ankle boots have been popping up everywhere. So much so, that I’ve developed an obsession. You can get a pair of these ‘it’ shoes in various colors and prints, if that’s your thing.

So, please join on the plight of finding a pair of cute velvet booties.

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Leopard Print Loafers I Need Now

leopard print loafers

I’ve been having a very difficult time selecting the right shoe in the morning. Here in Memphis, the weather has been very typical; inconsistent. One day it’s a perfectly chilly day to wear your favorite denim jacket and the next day you find your self looking under your bed for your other black flip flop. I was so frustrated with my fall shoe options while I was getting dressed this morning. I needed an option that was chic and comfortable enough to wear to the office, but didn’t have many options. The answer was a pair of leopard print loafers.

I firmly believe that every stylish closet needs a pair of leopard print loafers, which I had until this past spring. I wore out my Jeffrey Campbell loafers until they were too big to wear. Leopard print loafers are so easy style and comfortable to wear. So, I need a new pair ASAP! There are plenty of options out there and here are the ones that I’m leaning toward.

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Must-Have Fall Statement Shoes

fall statement shoes 2016

Aside from cozy sweaters and big mugs of hot chocolate, fall shoes are the best. From booties to loafers, I love all the different options available for braving the cold. But instead of focusing on the traditional types, this post is going to touch on some of the more unique, but equally stylish, footwear that’s trending for autumn. Take a peek at my picks below to get some seasonal inspiration!

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Metallic Fringe Loafers

metallic fringe loafers

When fall hits, I become obsessed with a certain number of things that don’t quite feel appropriate any other time of year, such as burgundy manicures, multiple pumpkin flavored foods, and loafers. Ah, loafers! Some people hear “loafers” and think of retired grandpas and librarians. However, loafers are not your grandpa or favorite elementary school librarian’s shoes any more. Loafers have evolved into some pretty cute and style shoes in different shapes and styles. Now, you can find a pair of loafers in multiple colors and materials, including metallic fringe loafers. I’m obsessed with metallic fringe loafers!

In case you are new around here, I love metallic, especially metallic shoes and accessories. Since I’m not really into bright and sparkly clothing, I opt to look for accessories that subtly add some unexpected sparkle to my look every now and then. So, it’s not much of a shock that I’ve been eyeing and dying over all the metallic fringe loafers out this season. They are the perfect mix of classic meets fun and trendy. I’m so down for this trend, FYI.

I first became of obsessed with this style of loafer when Gucci (of course) released the metallic version of their leather fringe loafer pumps. Ridiculously amazing, in my opinion. The only thing I couldn’t fall in love with was the price. Thankfully, other brands realized the beauty in metallic fringe loafers and followed suit with their own renditions of this revitalized classic shoe style. So thankful for mass production and lower prices.

So, you know your girl some low and high options for you to strut in some glitter fringe loafers this season. Check them out!

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