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Organized Vanity Areas Inspirations

I spent some of this past weekend chipping away at my spring cleaning list and decided to in my bedroom, because that is where I spend most of my time. The one area in my bedroom that has been accumulating the most clutter is my desk area. However, I haven’t been doing much work in that space. It’s becoming to be a catchall for mail and other items without a home. Therefore, I’ve decided to turn it back to a makeup and vanity area. For inspiration, I’ve become obsessed with looking for pictures of vanity areas for inspiration.

organized vanity areas

Therefore, I spent an insane amount of time this weekend fawning over organized makeup and vanity areas. Also, this weekend, I purged quite of bit of makeup from my collection. If it was a product I haven’t used in a year or if I don’t see myself wearing it anytime soon, it was tossed. So, my collection is pretty small, but perfect curated for me. Now, I just need to create a vanity areas to use my makeup.

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Laundry Hacks and How-To

laundry hacks

As a single woman who is only responsible for washing my own clothes, doing my laundry is one of guiltiest pleasures for the longest time. Washing my clothes is one of my favorite things to do on a lazy afternoon in between cleaning the house and binge watching HGTV on the sofa. So relaxing. So much so, that over the years I’ve learned so much about the process and decided that I would share my personal laundry lessons with you.

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Gold Home Accents

gold home accents

I love gold! Please feel free to read that previous sentence in the same drawn out way as “Goldmember”. If you don’t know that reference,  do your “Googles”.

Although I love almost anything gold, I know not one to go overboard with it by adorning myself in head to toe gold, despite the occasional desire. Therefore, I try to add touches of gold in the form of accessories. A gold watch and gold hoop earrings here or a chunky gold bracelet with layers of thin gold necklaces there. You know…subtle, but chic.

You can apply those same styling principles when styling your home. Adding gold elements to your home decor with the placement of gold home accents is very easy to do. Here are some simple golden touches that you can add to your home decor.

gold home decor accent pieces

Editor’s Note:

All these items were scouted at which is having a Friends and Family Sale for 25% off your order. That includes sale items, too. The sale just started today and will end on Thursday. So, go get in on the action! ( This is NOT a sponsored post. Just us believing that sharing is caring.)

gold home accents


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Spring Cleaning The Bathroom

As a child, like most girls, I was responsible for cleaning the bathroom that my brother and I shared. If you had brothers growing up, then you already know how horribly gross that could get. *cringe* However, it had to get done and my mom delegated that unfortunate task to me. However, over the years, I’ve gained an appreciation and borderline obsession with clean bathrooms. My obsession really shows up when it comes to spring cleaning the bathroom.

When it’s time to spring clean the bathroom, I make every area has been scrubbed, wiped, and disinfected…at leas three times. See? Obsessed. I also take this time to refresh and replace some beauty and health products, as well as bathroom staples. So, keep reading to see just how I tackle the task of deep cleaning my bathroom in the spring.


During spring cleaning, I steam clean my bathroom tiles; on the floor and in the shower. I wish I could do this at least once a week instead of 2-3 a times a year, but having floor to ceiling tiles in my bathroom and tiled floor can be very exhausting.

The first thing I do is steam my tiles and grout by spraying the surface with an all-purpose cleaner. I let the cleaner sit for 10-15 minutes. During that time, I look for any areas that need a little more attention and scrub with a nylon bristle brush to loosen up any hard to remove gook. I hardly ever have to do this, but every now and then I will find myself scrubbing some grout. After the all-purpose cleaner has been sitting on the tiles for a while, I come through with my steamer (similar to this one) and the small brush attachment and gently steam all of the grout and tiles. Once done, I spritz a lemon water and bleach concoction over the area for extra sanitizing. When it comes to cleaning bathrooms and kitchen, it’s all about properly sanitizing all areas. Finally, I polish all the fixtures, scrub the toilet (the worst task, ever), clean the mirror, and wipe the sink counter and walls. I feel so accomplished once all of this is done.


spring cleaning the bathroom

During spring cleaning, I also take this as a chance to purge old towels, worn rugs, and shower curtain liners. In return, I buy new towels, a new rug, and a shower liner. I also replace my toothbrush. This time I replaced it with the new Colgate® 360° Enamel Health™ Whitening Toothbrush, which I’ve been loving due to it’s unique brush. Also, the new Mineral Repair toothpaste has been great. I think my dentist will notice some of these new positive editions in my mouth when I go back in a couple of months. *insert huge grin*

Loofah. Some people don’t realize that you need to replace your loofah and bath sponges 3-4 weeks and not just when the rope breaks (Who else guilty of that?), because bacteria can easily get into all those crevices and live there.  So, keep that in mind. Since they need to be replaced so often and aren’t that expensive, I buy loofahs in bulk.


Since the weather starts to get warmer around this time, I decide that this is perfect time to switch my winter time beauty and skincare for spring and summer beauty products. The main area that I focus on is my hair care products. In the shower, I remove the shampoos and conditioners I use when I straighten my hair and replace them with the cleansers and conditioners for my natural curly hair, which I wear mostly in the warmer months.


The products I’ve been using for my curly hair are a selection of OGX coconut products, because they are hydrating and light which equals to fluffy and moisturized curls. I also move all of my curly hair styling products to the front of the hair care shelf in my linen closet. Plus, I also replace my hair brushes, which I do every year.

I admit that this regimen can be a little daunting, but it’s so worth for me and my love of super clean and pristine bathrooms.


*Disclaimer: Some products mentioned were sent for review purposes, but all opinions are of Stained Couture.

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Indoor Neon Signs

Neon lights are so cool, especially when incorporated indoors. Indoor neon signs and light can add a completely different vibe that’s chill, but also bright and fun. The use of neon lights as lighting options is very unexpected way to add some personality and interest to your living space.

I initially only thought that neon signs in the home would work primarily in the living rooms and bedrooms. However, I’ve seen some images of neon signs being used in dining rooms and even bathrooms that look amazing.

Personally, I would like a a neon signage with text. However, I’ve seen some simple designs and shapes that have peaked my interest. Currently, I would love to find a large sun neon sign to hang over the sofa in my living room and maybe some clouds and a couple of stars to hang over the bed in my bedroom.

I found some indoor neon signs for inspirations.

neon-lights-dining-area neon-light-hi-green-plant neon-sign-you-only-live-once





  • Anchor Neon Light -This is perfect if you’re looking to test the neon light look in your home. Very affordable and not too distracting.
  • ‘Love’ Neon Sign – You fit this into any room. Would work awesomely in a girly bedroom.
  • Neon Art Letters and Numbers – Create your own phrase. Personalization is always in style.
  • Peace Neon Sign – Another sign that you can anywhere. Wouldn’t this look so cool displayed next to a door? Peace out!


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