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Trendy Velvet Sofas


When it comes to most things in my life; I prefer things that are simple and easy to deal with it and that definitely includes my furniture.

When I purchase furniture, I look for classic pieces in neutral colors that I design around and for many years, which makes my current obsession seem a little more than unusual.

Recently, I’ve developed a fascination with trendy velvet sofas. This recent appreciation comes at a shock to pseudo-minimalist me, because a velvet sofa can seem very flashy and too retro for most taste. However, with the right color, shape, and detail; what was once looked at as as dated piece of gaudiness is now a chic and luxe piece of furniture.

I found some pretty amazing and velvet sofas in various design areas. So, I’m sure you might find a chic and trendy velvet sofa to dream about having in your home, too.



sectional sofa blue-velvet-tufted-sofa-stained-couture








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The New Way to Buy Mattresses


Would you buy a brand new online-only bed that comes delivered in a big cardboard box?

Well, if you answered yes, then you aren’t alone, because that is one of the latest products of up and coming direct to consumer products. If you answered ‘no’, then you might to keep on reading to see if this is something you can get on board this new way to buy mattresses.

Over the past year, the way we shop and do things that people have been doing for decades has transformed and streamlined. For example, we are forgoing driving our cars and taxis to instead request the service of an Uber with a few clicks on an app on our phones. Well, now you can add buying a new mattress to that list of things that are getting more refined.

One of the latest trends in the click to buy and direct-t0-consumer marketplace is the ability and ease of purchasing a new and luxurious mattress from the comfort and ease of your phone. The popular guy on campus, Casper, has had the most success with this innovative way to click and buy a new mattress and garnered much attention on social media and brought attention to this latest concept.

Since this concept is a direct-to-consumer product and the process of shipping in a cardboard box that’s easy to transport has allowed these companies to provide high quality and luxurious mattresses at the fraction of the price compared to most brick and mortar stores, including some of the popular big box places.

Also, some of these companies are able to throw special discounts and products.  Leesa even offers free shipping on all orders and 10% military discount. Yogabed, like Leesa, also offers free shipping, but also $60 off and free pillows.

The mattresses are available from twin and twin Xl and all the way up to California King. Some of the companies even have different style to choose from and are ideal for any flat surface, including platforms and boxsprings.

So, would you buy a new mattress, without testing it out and it gets shipped and delivered in a cardboard box that you can carry in your house by yourself?

I must, I’m very intrigued.

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Shabby Chic is definitely not for everyone or all the time. In hind sight, shabby chic is what I always envisioned my dream bedroom was to look like when I was a little girl. I wanted all white wicker furniture, a big canopy bed, and everything else to be various hues of light pink, white, and accents of gold. Personally, I blame the creative teams behind the Sears and JC Penney catalogs who used to curate the quintessential depiction of “girly” bedrooms that pretty much looked like a big baby pink lacy pillow.

However, 33 year old me is not about the shabby chic life and that’s okay, but it’s still nice to look and pick little pieces from the design aesthetic to incorporate in my home. Now a days, I prefer my shabby chic tendencies to show up in my choice of undergarments and make-up. Okay?

Back to shabby chic. Here is a quick rundown of characteristics of a shabby chic design:

  • Colorful, vintage (vintage-looking) items
  • Distressed furniture
  • White walls
  • Lots of light decor (i.e. soft pinks, blues, yellows, and green)

Here are some examples of shabby chic living spaces that are very livable and not too over the top…in my opinion.

Shabby-chic-living-room-5 Shabby-chic-living-room-4 shabby-chic-living-room-3 Shabby-chic-living-room-2 Shabby-chic-living-room-1 shabby-chic-kitchen-3 shabby-chic-kitchen-2 shabby-chic-kitchen-1 shabby-chic-dining-1 shabby-chic-decor shabby-chic-bedroom-3 shabby-chic-bedroom-2 shabby-chic-bedroom-1

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Create Your Own Luxury Hotel Bedroom


Now that summer break is pretty much wrapping up, we’ve pretty much used up all of our vacation time excluding the few you’re (or should be) saving up for the holiday season.

Back to vacations. Aside from being logged off from work emails and obligated to show up to an office and sit in front of two monitors…clicking my day away, I love staying in hotels. Not just any hotel, a 4-star or better with plush furnishings, comfy complimentary robes, and premium toiletries. Since I’m a fan of paying for experiences, I will shell a little extra of my vacation budget to stay in a better hotel. It’s really hard to not fall in love with a really curated hotel.

So, over the years, I’ve found and adopted ways to make my own living space, especially bedroom, give me all the comfort and good vibes of a luxury hotel. Although there are plenty of elements that make an excellent hotel…excellent, this are the basics that you can easily create your own luxury hotel bedroom…at home.

  • High Quality Bedding – A good mattress is important to have…period. However, having high quality bedding is the cherry on top. I’m still a fan of parachute bedding. The material is premium without the premium pricing. Their sheets made me fall in love with my bed all over again.
  • Luxe Lotion – Luxury hotels have some of the best toiletries and l love it when they carry lines that I’ve yet to discover, especially rich lotions. I suggest Vetiver Lavender Lotion, which is an amazing luxe everyday moisturizer for your face and body. The lavender scent encompasses all the feels of a luxury hotel; comfortable and relaxing.
  • Plush Robe – Can you really consider a hotel luxury if they don’t have a large, comfy robe hanging in the closet for your convenience? I don’t think so. If you love the comfy feel of a robe when at a hotel, then you will appreciate the nap Robe. Soft, plush, and not too heavy so you can wear it all year.
  • Soft Lighting – Lighting is everything, especially when trying to create a mood. Hotel lighting is always soft and usually comes from a sleek and chic lamp. This acrylic column table lamp from West Elm adds just the right amount of light, but the clear acrylic base blends well into the background of any room.
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Easy Plants for a Busy Life


I love having plants in my house, because they are an inexpensive way to brighten and add some color to my neutral theme decor. Plus, the addition of plants have many other benefits, including purifying the air and reducing stress.

However, like with any living thing (which plants are), they can be pretty needy. Do they have enough water? How often do they need water? Are they in an area that gets enough sunlight, but not too much sun? See? So needy! Still, they are great to have and luckily there are plants that are perfect for those of us who like to look at and enjoy the presence of plants, but not do much to keep them alive and thriving. Pretty much me in every mandatory gym class I had to ever take in my life.

So, if you want to add more plants to your life, but are just too busy or lazy (that’s okay!) to deal with the constant neediness of a plant, check out these suggestions for low-maintenance plants that you can add to your home now.


One of my favorites plants is the sansevieria, also known as mother-in-law’s tongue. They can flourish in dark or sunny spots and need minimal water. Fool’s proof and very retro looking.

Aspidistra elatior pot

Looking for a plant that can stay indoors or outdoors? You should check out an aspidistra elatior, also known as a castiron plant. It requires low light and low water.


Aglaonema, also known as ‘Silver Queen’ or Chinese evergreen, can grow to be big and full foliage.  Also, they can grow to have hints or full on red leaves, which I love.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

If you are looking for a plant that gets tall, and I do mean tall. Check out the fiddle leaf tree, which can get up to 15 ft tall and 5 ft wide. It’s definitely the center of attraction for any room.


If there is a such thing as an “it” plant of the moment, then it’s definitely succulent plants. They come in various varieties and only request a sunny spot and an occasional sprinkle of water, which is me in the spring. Not only are they visually interesting, but they will last for years with little attention from you. Perfect.

Do you have any recommendations of easy plants for a busy life? Please share. The more the merrier…and easier.

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