ITEM OF THE WEEK: Scrub and Cleanser Stick

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ITEM OF THE WEEK: 2-in1 scrub & cleanser stick


I’m notorious at picking up products people leave in the checkout aisle after deciding not to buy it. It’s the same reason that I tend to Sephora and Ulta with more products from their checkout outline selection than from the actual store. A couple of weeks ago, I stopped into Ulta to pick out a new foundation and only foundation. While waiting for 2 teenage girls in their private school uniforms to pay for their basket of goods, I saw this a product swimming in sea of heavily discounted Christmas lotions. After swimming it out, I saw that it was a Yes To Tomatoes Scrub and Cleansing stick.

Keep reading to see why it’s the ITEM OF THE WEEK!

I’ve tried and loved cleansing sticks in the past. However, the only product I’ve tried from the Yes To Tomatoes line is a detoxifying sheet mask and it was decent. So, I decided to give this a try. Like cleansing sticks I’ve used in the past, this one was convenient and easy to use. To use, rub the stick over wet skin, and then use your hands to massage it in. It will begin to lather into a milky consistency to clean your face. Afterwards, rinse your face and pat dry. Although it feels gentle enough to use everyday, I only it 2-3x a week.

Almost instantly after using, my skin felt super clean and smooth. This stick cleanser definitely left my skin feeling like it got a deep cleansing detox. It was definitely worth swimming it out of 4 ft container of vanilla scent hand lotions.

If you feel that you never have time to exfoliate and  deep clean your face, then this might worth you trying. Plus, it’s only $10 and just a couple of swipes on your face can go a long way. You can find this 2-In-1 Scrub Cleanser stick at Ulta and

Do you think your skin would appreciate the addition of this Yes To Tomatoes 2-in-1 Cleanser Stick?

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