Skincare Mistakes Over The Years

skincare mistakes

Over the years, I’ve made so many mistakes when it has come to skincare. Some of these skincare mistakes have been small lessons that I learned quickly. However, there were mistakes so big that I didn’t learn them into years later.

Thankfully, my skin and I are in a good place and can laugh at all the ways I was horrible to our relationship. Therefore, I decided that I would share my 5 biggest skincare mistakes I’ve made and hopefully you can learn from them, too.

My 5 Biggest Skincare Mistakes Over The Years

  1. Picking At Skin/ Popping Pimples – Other than large pores I inherited from my mom, acne scars are my biggest skincare issue. I can attribute these scars to years of my picking at my skin and popping premature pimples. Luckily, I’ve been successful at ways to fade my acne spots, but I still have a few left that I;m working on.
  2. Sleeping in Makeup – I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has made this mistakes, but I’ve made it more times than I would like to admit. Not only did I ruin some lovely pillowcases, but I caused my skin to breakout. In order for me to stop doing this, I had to embrace my nighttime routines. That has helped tremendously and I can’t even attempt to sleep in makeup now.
  3. Not Properly Washing My Face – I am huge fan of makeup wipe removers. However, they alone won’t work at properly removing my day’s worth of makeup. So, like I had to do to stop falling asleep in my makeup, I had to embrace a nighttime skincare routine and morning routine. Trust me when I say that routines work when you embrace them.
  4. Eating the wrong foods – I’ve had problematic skin since I was preteen and I’ve been eating just has poorly since then, too. Over the past few years, I’ve been paying more attention to the things I put in my body and immediately noticed the difference. Now that I’ve dramatically cut back on fried foods, sodas, and sugars; my skin has been the best it’s ever been. Actually, if you are having skin problems, I recommend you assess what you put in your body before you look for products to treat it.
  5. Not using the right products – Ugh. I cringe at the amount of money I’ve spent on products that didn’t work or designed for my skin type. I guess I can just chop it up to being a victim of exceptional marketing campaigns. Either way, knowing your skin and what products work for said type are very important. I have combination/oily skin. So, using a product for dry to normal skin can have my face looking like a oil slick. The extra moisturizer or ingredients used for dry skin seeps into my large pores and I breakout. So, know your skin type and buy products designed for you skin type. Okay? Good.

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