Spring Beauty Wishlist 2018

For the past few days, I’ve noticed that my skin is popping. It’s glowing, the texture is smooth, and it feels soft as a baby’s bottom. However, it’s not perfect, because large pores will always be a genetic stain in my life. Still, I’m very happy with the current state of my skin and I’m open to start trying new beauty products again. I have few on my list to try and decided to share them with my spring beauty wishlist.

Spring Beauty Wishlist 2018 | STAINED COUTURE

There are so many products that I want to try, but I’m only sharing the ones that are bonded to my mind. Keep reading to see which products I can’t get off my mind for spring.

Spring Beauty Wishlist 2018 | Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer

Now that the weather is warming up, I have to be make more of a concerted effort to use primer. Therefore, I’ve been buying a trying different primers. After reading all the details, Tatcha’s The Silk Canvas Protective primer is at the top of my list. Like I mentioned, trying to minimize the appearance of my pores will always be a concern for me. This primer claims to keep makeup on longer and smoother. However, what really intrigued me is that it helps keep makeup out of the skin, which helps prevent clogged skin and breakouts.

Spring Beauty Wishlist | Glossier Lash Slick

Today Glossier released a new mascara; Lash Slick. Lash slick is designed to give the effect of lash extensions without the time and price it takes. I’ve been wanting to try lash extensions FOREVER! However, I have sensitive eyes and scared that the wrong lash move or lash technician can ruin me and my eyes. I’ve only read and seen the info that Glossier has released, but it’s enough for me to want to try this ASAP!

Spring Beauty Wishlist 2018 | Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

My skin and I have been doing amazing! My hair and I, however, are going to a rough patch. More like a dry patch, because it’s been super dry since I started lightening my hair. Years ago, after I gave myself a bad coloring job, Olaplex came through for the clutch and brought my hair back to life and stronger. Hopefully, Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 will do the same for my current hair. Although I haven’t had much breakage, the next phase of  my hair transformation is next month. So, I would like to make sure my hair is as strong as possible.

Spring Beauty Wishlist | Colourpop x MakeupShayla Neat Freak Lip Gloss

One of my favorite makeup gurus, MakeupShayla, released a collab with Colourpop last week. Of course, it sold out before I was able to get everything I wanted, including the Neat Freak lip gloss. The lip gloss is an ultra shiny glossy lip gloss with full-coverage, peachy metallic pearl finish. Also, it’s non-sticky, which is always a lip gloss wishlist. The whole collection is currently sold out, but it’s going to be restocked this Friday and I will be there. I plan to buy at least three of these lip glosses, because Colourpop rarely does more than a couple of restocks when it comes to their Colourpop collabs.

Spring Beauty Wishlist | Skylar Isle Perfume

I live for a good clean and fresh scent. For the past couple of months, I’ve heard a lot about Skylar products, which includes perfumes and candles. So, I want to dip my toes in the Skylar waters with their Isle Perfume, which boasts to be a “clean, dewy, and fresh” scent. Not to mention, it’s natural, hypo-allergenic, and cruelty-free, which are all things I appreciate.

What’s currently on your Spring Beauty Wishlist?

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