Transitioning Skincare to Fall from Summer

Before I delve into the steps I use and suggest when transitioning skincare to fall from summer, I need to get something off my chest *clears throat* Where is the fall weather?! Mother Nature, sis, why are you so late with the consistently cool temps and ground full of leaves? It’s the middle of September and the temperatures are still in the high 90s and I’m still wearing flip flops. I ready for the weather to match my desires to wear booties, oversized plaid shirts, and cardigans. I’m over this balls hot weather!! Now, back to our scheduled post.

Transitioning Skincare from Summer to Fall | STAINED COUTURE

Transitioning your skincare from summer to fall can be quite tedious. During the transition, there will be days when the days are bi-polar; chilly one day and sweltering the next. These types of weather conditions can cause you and your skin to go crazy with the mixing and mingling of different products. So, I’m sharing my 3 tips on how to successfully transition your skincare from summer to fall. Keep reading to get all the tea.

Tips on Transitioning Skincare Each Season:

  • Keep it Simple (at first) – for the first couple of weeks, just use a simple, safe face wash and follow it up with a gentle moisturizer. Only use products you know your skin loves. You can never go wrong with Cetaphil cleanser, which is good cleanser for most skin types.
  • Facial – Since you’re keeping it simple by just using a face wash and moisturizer, this is great time to get a deep cleaning facial. Facials are great way to get your skin into a pristine and squeaky clean before you start reintroducing it to new products and ingredients.
  • Assess Away – Now that you’ve simplified your skincare routine to the basic and got you skin cleaned out, start paying attention to your skin needs. Is your skin beginning to look dull? That means you might want to add a Vitamin C serum to your routine. Skin looking dry and saggy? Find a nice hydrating moisturizer with collagen or retinol.

Have you begun switching up your summer skincare products for fall? Share below!

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