Trying New Beauty Products? Do this first

In case you haven’t caught on, I’m a huge a skincare and beauty products junkie. It’s a pretty serious relationship, because I always make space and room for them in my home and life. Hell, they even have their own closet. However, over the years, I’ve gotten very particular about what products I introduce into my life. There’s a pretty intense vetting system I use before trying new beauty products out, because skin can be very sensitive at times. Okay, it can be sensitive at most times and I know.

What to do before trying new beauty products

Therefore, I have some things I do before I try a new product. In doing so, it saves me time, money, and outbreaks trying to decide what my skin loves and hates. Keep reading to see the things I do before I try a new beauty product.

Before Trying New Beauty Products: Simplify Cleansing Products

Whenever my skin breakouts, I take a break from the routine I’m using and reach for the product in my simple and/or natural skincare routine. Currently, my super simple skincare routine is using coconut oil to loosen up and remove makeup. After wiping the coconut off with a warm washcloth, I use Cetaphil to cleanse my face. Afterward, if needed, I will use a little witch hazel to tone my skin and the moisturize with coconut oil or almond oil. I will use this routine for at least 4 days before I try out a new skincare product.

By using mostly all natural ingredients, it’s safe to assume that the new product is to blame if my skin has a reaction.

Before Trying New Beauty Products: Research Ingredients

Knowing what ingredients in products will be helpful you. Trial and error helps you learn what ingredients work for you and which ingredients don’t play well together. Also, there are some active ingredients that, no matter what product they’re in or used with, will break you out. Once a product breaks you out, note the ingredients and eventually you will spot the culprit.

Before Trying New Beauty Products: Sample and Travel Sizes

I swoon for sample and travel size products. Not only for their friendly on-the-go sizes, but also to test run a product before I buy a bigger size. Trying the sample size before buying the regular size can help you save time and money in case the product breaks you out or doesn’t live up to your expectations. You can even request samples of products at more department store’s cosmetic counters and in Sephora.

Before Trying New Beauty Products: Remember Nothing Happens Overnight

I know firsthand how frustrating it is to apply a new product that you’ve been reading rave reviews and expect to see results overnight. I will admit that I’ve used a some products in the past and notice results the next morning. Yes, I’m talking to you Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil. However, for the most part, it takes days and weeks before you see any noticeable results. So, as long as the product hasn’t caused your face to breakout in swarm of fiery red bumps, hang in there, champ.

What new beauty products have you tried recently?

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